Rapid growth expected in wood and laminate flooring

A report has forecast that the global market for laminate and wood flooring will expand rapidly during the next few years and by 2026 over 2,130 million sq meters of wood and laminate flooring will be sold worldwide.

Though laminate and wood floor coverings are used in new buildings, the report by market researchers Fact.MR says that more will be sold for repair and renovation projects. The highest demand for wood and laminate flooring is expected to come from Europe.

One of the factors fuelling the growth of wood and laminate flooring is the low price. Laminate is a low-cost alternative to wood. Whilst wood is more expensive to purchase and install, it lasts a long time and works out cost effective in the long term. Solid and top-grade engineered wood has the advantage that it can be sanded when worn to make it look like new again.

Another reason for the popularity of wood and laminates is their look. People like the natural look of real wood. Modern printing technology has made the wood image on laminate tiles almost identical to the real material.

Laminate or wood flooring in Chester is a good choice for homes and business premises. It is durable and easy to maintain. Solid wood can add value to a home as well as looking beautiful. Laminate is a great choice for a low-cost wood alternative if the budget does not stretch to real hardwood.

International Surface Event highlights flooring trends for 2019

The International Surface Event held at the end of January in Las Vegas is where flooring manufacturers exhibit their latest products and interior designers go to view the latest flooring design trends.

Due to the high cost of hardwood flooring, cheaper luxury vinyl tiles and laminates that look like wood were featured at the 2019 show. New printing technology is making these floor coverings look even more like real wood. Luxury vinyl tiling in a wood pattern is a natural-looking floor covering that is easy to maintain and highly durable. Unless examined closely, it is difficult to tell that these luxury vinyl floors are not wood. Some vinyl tiles exhibited at this year’s show have the distressed look of antique wood.

A contemporary room look is achieved by using rich coloured floors, blues or greys which are offset with light coloured furniture and accessories.

There is a trend towards large format floor coverings. Tiles are big, at least 24 inches wide, and wood-planks have extra width of over 7 ½ inches.

Large format geometric bold pattern tiles in neutral colours were another trend featured in the show.

Mixed material floor coverings generated a lot of interest. These mix porcelain wood, stone, and metal for an eye-catching look.

An interested home owner does not need to go to America to find the latest in flooring trends. Many of the floor covering trends seen at the Internarial Surface Show are available at your local flooring company in Chester and Wirral for installation in the home or commercial property.

Wood floor pieces sold for nostalgic recycling

An American school gymnasium floor has been deconstructed, with the pieces set to be given a new life.

When wood floors are replaced, the original floor is often recycled, but the WHS school gymnasium floor in Fort Morgan, Colorado has been recycled in a novel way. Many people have cherished memories of the school gymnasium – such as an exciting sports victory, school assemblies, or their first kiss at a school dance. The floor was bought by a company that is selling sections of the floor to the public, including former pupils and teachers, and helping these memories live on.

The wood can be used to make furniture, wall pieces and other items and preserving school memories.

The Fort Morgan Times said:

“It's good to see that at least one part of the old high school is being preserved for WHS alumni to enjoy.”

This type of recycling could be adapted for historic British floors. When a public building is demolished or renovated, the floor could be recycled by selling sections of it to people with memories of the building.

Wood flooring in Chester homes and workplace is a good choice for people who want a natural product that lasts a long time. At the end of its life, a wood floor can be recycled when it is not practical to sell it in sections.

Wood floor planks are environmentally friendly if they come from sustainable forest sources and are recycled when they need replacing. Wood flooring made from recycled timbers can be installed for people who like the distressed look.

The advantages of laminate flooring in Wrexham rooms

There are plenty of choices of floor coverings for rooms in Wrexham. Laminate flooring is a popular choice for homes and workplaces in the North Wales town, and there are several reasons why people choose it.

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is made from several layers. The top layer is a protective coat that is laid over a photo image of a pattern. This is often an image of wood complete with gains and knots. Beneath the photo layer is a second layer usually made of a mixture of fibre board and melamine resin.


Laminate is eco-friendly as it is made from sawdust and wood chips that are a byproduct of the timber industry. Good quality laminates contain no harmful chemicals.


Printing technology has improved so that modern laminate flooring looks realistic. Unless you look very closely, quality laminate can look like real wood. Laminate flooring can mimic traditional oak or pine. For a modern contemporary style, go for a light grey or white oaks.

Flooring services in Wrexham have a wide range of laminates. Take a sample away to see how it looks in your rooms.


Laminate planks have a click-together system that makes them easy to install. Compared to hard wood flooring, flooring services in Wrexham will not charge a lot for installation.

How laminate flooring in Wrexham copes with the weather

Laminate flooring is water resistant so is suitable for areas that have an outside entrance. It can cope with rainy Wrexham days when people come in with muddy shoes and dripping wet clothes.

Laminate is not waterproof though, so it is advisable to have mats near to outside doors. High-moisture areas such as bathrooms are not suitable for laminate flooring, but kitchens should be OK provided a mat is placed by sinks and any spillages are cleaned up quickly.


Laminate floors are easy to care for. They need regular sweeping with a brush, and mopping with water and a mild detergent.

Laminates are scruff and scratch resistant and are suitable for homes with pets that have claws. It is advisable to purchase spare planks, because if an area gets damaged, new planks can be used to repair the floor.

Allergy sufferers

Laminate is ideal for people who are allergic to house dust or mites. Unlike carpets, there is nowhere for dust and insects to hide in a laminate floor. If the floor is swept and mopped regularly, there should be no problem for allergy sufferers.


Laminate flooring is a cheaper alternative to wood, engineered wood and stone flooring. Like most flooring products, laminate comes in a number of grades. Purchase the highest grade that you can afford, as top-quality laminates will last longer.

Expect a good laminate floor to last at least 15 years, or a little less in a workplace with a heavy footfall.

Should you buy laminate flooring in Wrexham?

If you want a durable good looking floor that is affordable and easy to keep clean, then laminate flooring is an excellent choice.

Visit your flooring service in Wrexham to see its full range of laminates.

Laminate vs. LVT flooring for your North Wales rooms

Both laminate and LVT flooring are popular choices for North Wales homes and workplaces. The answer to the question about which is best depends on several factors.

What is LVT?

LVT stands for luxury vinyl tiles and is made from a number of layers. There is a stability layer so that the tiles can be laid flat and level. An HD photographic layer adds a pattern to the tile. Modern LVT tiles have realistic patterns that resemble wood or stone, and it also comes in a number of unique vibrant designs.

The top pattern layer is coated with a surface treatment to protect it from damage and makes the tiles easy to clean. LVT tiles often have an adhesive backing so that they are easy to install without needing further adhesive.

What is laminate?

Like LVT, laminate flooring in North Wales is printed to look like stone or wood and is a layered product. A clear top resin layer protects the flooring. Beneath it is a printed payer over an HDF core layer.

Laminate flooring comes in planks which have click-together joints that make them easy to install. Laminate comes in various thicknesses from 6 to 12 mm.

Water on laminate and LVT flooring in North Wales

North Wales does not have a dry climate. People come inside with muddy shoes and dripping wet clothes. High moisture and high humidity can adversely affect laminate flooring, whereas LVT is more water resistant.

LVT is more suitable for rooms that have exits to the outside. Laminates are not recommended for kitchen areas or utility rooms where water is likely to be spilt.

Some people do lay laminates in areas leading to outside doorways but place water absorbent mats at the outside entrance. If water is spilt on laminate floors, as long as it is wiped up promptly, there should be no damage to the floor.


Both laminate and LVT flooring are easy to maintain. If a section of floor is damaged, replacement planks can be used to repair the area. It’s a good idea to order extra planks or tiles when installing flooring for this reason.

Installation of LVT and laminate flooring in North Wales

Both flooring types are easy to lay. LVT either has an adhesive backing or needs to be glued with adhesive, while laminate planks click together.

LVT tiles and laminates can be laid over existing floors provided the floor is even. Uneven floors may require a cement scree coating before the tiles are installed.


Quality LVT tiles should last longer than laminate flooring. LVT can last up to 20 years or more, while laminates can last up to 15 years.

For maximum durability, choose top quality LVT or laminates.


Most LVT flooring costs more than laminates but lasts longer.

So, should I go for laminate or LVT flooring in North Wales?

If you want quality flooring that’s cheaper, go for laminate flooring. If your budget can afford it and you want a better quality flooring, then LVT is best. However, both LVT and laminates are very good flooring choices.