Quality LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) flooring at very competitive prices!

Luxury vinyl tile (often abbreviated to LVT) flooring is a popular choice for people who want an easy to maintain, long-lasting floor covering that has the look of wood or stone, but does not cost a premium price.

LVT flooring not only looks good, but is also very hard wearing, waterproof, scratch resistant and easy to maintain. The LVT tiles are made from many thin layers which makes them both flexible and durable.

Available in several stunning designs that look like stone, ceramic tiles or wood planks, the design of LVT flooring is 3D printed onto the tiles so that the grain has depth and looks natural. Many shades and grain effects are available to make floors look authentic. For LVT that looks like ceramic tiles, a grout effect can be added between tiles. LVT tiles are available in various sizes to suit the look of a room.

LVT tiles are easy to install using adhesives. Once installed, they should last for years. What’s more, they are waterproof, so are suitable for use in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms.

This style of flooring is much easier to maintain than hardwood floors, which can warp if wet and after a few years may need re-sanding to restore it. Hardwood is not ideal for use in work areas where a lot of people walk on the floor.

LVT flooring can simply be mopped to clean it and will resist spilt liquids. Good quality LVT flooring should last for 20 years or more and often outlasts their guarantee period. It can be installed in both domestic and business locations.

Many types of LVT flooring are made using recycled materials, which makes them kind to the environment.

LVT flooring transforms your room with an authentic looking and hardwearing floor. In a quaint and traditional city like Chester, it’s ideal for any home or workplace, so why not get in touch with our team for professional flooring advice?

If you decide that vinyl flooring isn't quite right for your project then we also offer a broad range of quality laminate flooring, carpets, and solid/engineered wood flooring. There's also currently no VAT to pay, saving you 20%