Where to install artificial grass in Wrexham

There are many Wrexham homes, businesses and schools that have installed artificial grass, since there are a variety of roles it can fill and places in can be used.

Why would you use artificial grass?

Wrexham is an area of high rainfall, which keeps the rural areas around the town lush and green and usually provides ample water for the grass. However, climate change indicates that Wrexham may increasingly experience hot and dry spells in the summer, which means that grass will be starved of the water it needs to look healthy.

In summers when there is enough water, grass grows swiftly and has to be regularly cut. On wet days, school children are discouraged from playing on the grass at school because it is too muddy.

People like artificial grass because needs no watering, no cutting, and can be played on in all weathers. Yet despite all that, it looks real.


Artificial grass can replace lawns in busy households that do not have time to regularly cut and maintain the lawn. An artificial grass lawn can be enjoyed all the year round as water drains through its surface, allowing the lawn to dry out quickly.

Artificial grass is suitable for households with pets and small children. Any mess they make is soon cleaned up.


Some sports clubs want all-weather grounds so that matches are not cancelled because of a very muddy or waterlogged pitch, or perhaps just artificial grass training facilities. They also appreciate that artificial grass needs little maintenance as many sports clubs cannot afford to hire a groundsman.


Artificial grass is ideal for schools that want a hard wearing playing surface that requires little maintenance and is safe for children to play on all year round.


Artificial grass is great for using at exhibitions, especially for businesses that sell garden or sports products. Artificial grass can be used in shop displays to create an imitation garden.

Roof gardens and balconies

Many commercial buildings in Wrexham have flat roofs or balconies that are ideal for recreation and rest areas for staff. Artificial grass and a few house plants in pots make a pleasant garden area that needs very little looking after.

Artificial grass is easy to install on the concrete floors of balconies and roofs.

Golf putting greens

Golfers get better with lots of practice especially to improve their putting skills. An artificial grass green at home or in the office is a place to practise putting in all weathers.


Hotels are increasingly finding uses for artificial grass to improve the look of entrances and courtyards, and to form grassy areas that guests can enjoy in any weather.

Quality artificial grass in Wrexham

Artificial grass is a versatile material that can be used in so many places. Unless you are using artificial grass for a short time, such as at an exhibition, it pays to invest in good that will last outside for many years. It needs to be installed well by professional artificial grass fitters in Wrexham to make sure that the water will flow off the grass efficiently.

What are the top carpet trends for 2019?

As this year has progressed, several trends have emerged that have influenced the way people choose carpets for their homes or businesses.

Geometric pattern carpets have been around for a long time, but recently there has been a resurgence in their popularity. Geometric designs make a bold statement in a room if they have contrasting colours. Stripes are also popular, especially stripe patterns that go along the length of a room.

Colour trends are for bold shades, rich woody browns, crisp greens and blue splashes that are anything but neutral colours.

Low pile carpets are preferred by many to long pile ones. Modern low pile carpets tend to be more durable and are easier to vacuum and keep clean. Some interior designers like to place short pile rugs on top of long pile carpets to mix textures.

The trend is for bold colours and patterns, but design choices are always about individual preferences, so any trends are there to be broken. Some people prefer a plain carpet in a pale neutral colour.

For carpets in Chester, homes and businesses choose quality hardwearing varieties that are designed to last many years. Choose colours and patterns that you can live with for a long period. By the time the carpet needs replacing, a once trendy design may not be so fashionable any more.

Carpets trends are good for inspiring carpet choices. Take samples home to see how carpets look in your rooms, and feel free to mix and match different styles if this suits your style of room.

How engineered wood helps the environment

Engineered wood is a popular choice of floor coverings in Chester homes and commercial buildings. Advances in flooring have enabled buildings to be made from engineered wood, coming with benefits to the environment.

For years, there has been a competition to build the highest building in the world. Most of these ultra-tall buildings are made from concrete and steel. New types of engineered wood and changes in building regulations have inspired a new competition to see who can build the world’s largest wooden structure. The highest current wood structure is the 73-metre Haut Building in Amsterdam, but taller buildings are being planned in Japan and Canada.

There are environmental reasons for using wood. Sustainability expert John Hardy says that the interest in building with wood is:

“Definitely being driven by environmental concerns - the amount of damage we’re doing with concrete is unbelievable.”

According to Andy Buchanan, a professor of timber at the University of New Zealand’s University of Canterbury, transporting wood and using it in construction has a lower fossil fuel consumption rate than concrete, and it stores carbon that was trapped in trees. In engineered wood floors, each cubic metre of floor stores the carbon equivalent of around 900 kilograms of CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to a decrease of 135 kg to 360 kg of CO2 emissions for every square metre of flooring.

No wooden skyscrapers are planned for the area just yet, but there may be more installations of engineered wood flooring in Chester in the future, and this could help the environment.

Best carpets for buy to let in Wrexham

Wrexham landlords want carpets for their rented properties that are both hard wearing and inexpensive.

Demand for rented accommodation

Though many people living in Wrexham aspire to own their own home, it can take a while to save enough money to put down a deposit for a house or flat. Some people, such as students or contractors, will only be staying in the Wrexham area for a limited period so are not looking to buy a home. For these and many others, there are plenty of flats and houses for rent in Wrexham.

Rents are not cheap, so tenants expect a high level of fittings in their rented property and decent furniture if the property is furnished. They want carpets that are good quality and easy to clean.

How carpets are treated

Hopefully, tenants will respect that the landlord has supplied decent carpets, but sadly some tenants will not be careful with the carpet, fail to clean up spills promptly and never use carpet cleaners. Students have a reputation for parties where glasses get broken and food is spilt and trodden into the carpets. This means that the best carpet for rental property should be durable and be stain resistant.

What type of material?

If you want a carpet that wears well, nylon is a better choice than then natural fibres like wool or cotton, but nylon carpets tend to show stains easily. Other man-made fibres, such as polymer and polyester, are stain resistant and hard wearing.

If the property is luxury grade with high rents, then wool is an option because it is regarded as a luxury carpet type. Wool carpets do require more care, but good tenants will respect the property and keep the carpets clean.


Multi-height loop carpets are slower to show wear. Loop pile carpets are better than cut-pile ones as they resist crushing. Whatever type of pile chosen, select a carpet with densely packed fibres.

Colour and patterns

Obviously darker colours hide dirt better than light colours. Solution dye saturates the whole pile which is better than a topical dye that only colours the surface.

Buy a neutral colour carpet that does not have a bold pattern. The carpet should appeal to most people. You may like the look of a pattern, but potential tenants may hate it.


Good quality carpets will last longer than cheap ones. It may be cost effective to install cheap carpets in student property and replace the carpets at the end of each tenancy, but most landlords want a carpet that will last a number of years that only needs a thorough cleaning at the end of a tenancy.

If you install a carpet with a felt backing this will save on underlay costs.

Choosing a local carpet supplier

Landlords need a local carpet supplier that supplies a wide variety of carpets. They help landlords choose the best carpets for their Wrexham properties and offer good deals on carpets and installation. They will provide carpets that are both value for money and durable.

Is waterproof laminate flooring worth buying?

There are many types of laminate flooring available that are claimed to be waterproof, but are they worth buying?

When laminate flooring was launched in the 1990s, its click and lock system made it easy to install and it became an attractive, less costly alternative to wood. However, it was not waterproof and not recommended for wet areas like bathrooms.

There are new laminates that claim to be waterproof. Good quality grades have guarantees that no water will be absorbed if liquids are cleaned up within 24 hours. This makes them suitable for bathrooms. As long as any water is wiped up within a few hours, the floor will remain dry.

Laminate flooring in Chester is a good choice, but property near a major river such as the Dee, where laminate flooring is liable to be submerged in floodwater for several hours, will probably be damaged. However, this is also the case for wood, LVT, carpets and most other types of floor covering.

Waterproof laminate flooring has a top waterproof layer and close-fitting seams where the planks join. This resists water seeping into the subfloor and prevents the laminate from swelling at the joints. It is recommended that water or other liquids are mopped up rather than left wet.

If you want a floor covering that looks like wood but is a lot cheaper and resistant to water, laminate flooring is good for Chester residential and commercial properties. It is not as cheap as many carpets, but will last a lot longer than the average carpet.