How good is artificial grass?

Artificial grass has improved considerably since it was introduced in the 1960s and is now increasingly popular.

Launched in the 1960s by biotechnology company Monsanto, artificial grass was first known as Astro Turf. Modern artificial grass is considerably better than the original Astro Turf, which was long lasting but hard. Many sportspeople did not like playing on it. Second generation artificial grass was then made to have longer fibres and was padded to protect players from injury.

The third generation of artificial grass was launched in 2011. This looks more real with tufted fibres that resemble natural strands of grass. The previous generations of artificial grass had been used mainly for sports fields, but modern artificial grass, because it looks so realistic, is often used to replace lawns in residential properties.

Architectural Digest promoted the use of artificial grass in drought areas as the grass does not need watering.

In the earlier versions, some concern was expressed about the safety of artificial grass but this is unfounded. A 2018 study at Fukuoka University in Japan concluded that there is no measurable difference in injury risk between artificial and real grass. Recycled rubber is used in the artificial grass infill and over 90 studies and reports by leading universities and government agencies found no link between recycled rubber and health risks.

If you want to install artificial grass in North Wales gardens, schools and sports fields, it is important to buy high quality artificial grass and have it installed by experts. This will ensure it is fitted correctly and will last.

Carpets chosen for new school performance auditorium

Most school floors are covered in solid floor covering such as LVT and laminates, but Sherborne Girls School in Dorset decided to use carpets for its performance auditorium, which is located in its new arts centre.

The reasons for using carpet is mainly for its acoustic properties, which is important in a performance area where music and theatrical performances take place. Sound bounces off hard surfaces but is absorbed by carpets. Carpets have also been installed in the nearby music practice rooms.

The carpet chosen by interior designer Sarah Lyall of Sarah Lyall Interiors for the project is Danefloor Classic XL, a loop pile nylon carpet with a class 33 wear classification, suitable for heavy commercial use. The carpets are designed to withstand heavy footfall and intense commercial cleaning and should last a long time in this busy area of the school. The carpets are easy to clean and the nylon fibre is designed to retain its appearance for a long time.

The carpets have the Eurofins Gold Certificate in recognition that they contribute to indoor air quality and a healthier indoor environment, which is beneficial for staff, students and audience members.

When it comes to solid floors such as wood, laminate and LVT flooring, Chester commercial properties tend to favour them to carpets, but the Sherborne School initiative shows that carpets are a viable alternative to solid floors, especially where acoustic properties are a concern. Commercial grade carpets are manufactured to be durable and easy to clean.

How to get the best quotes for commercial flooring in Chester

It’s easy to get quotes for commercial flooring in Chester from one of the many flooring suppliers in the region. Most will send someone to measure up then provide a quote for various floor coverings, but how can you be sure that you are getting the best quote?

The cheapest quote?

It is tempting to go for the cheapest quote, but this isn’t always the best. Many areas in commercial premises get a lot of use, especially areas where the public use. Cheap flooring may be fine for residential use, but will soon look worn in a commercial room where hundreds of people walk on the floor every day.

Commercial flooring needs to last, so go for a flooring grade that is durable and better than cheaper alternative.


A quote is often for installing the flooring during the day, but this may be inconvenient as workers and customers will be denied access to the room whilst the flooring is being installed. If this is an issue, get a quote from an installer who can do the job overnight so that business is not interrupted.


Many floor coverings can be laid over the top of the existing subfloor. If the subfloor is uneven, the installer may need to add a cement screed or take up the old flooring. If the quote does not include subfloor work, make sure that this is appropriate. A good floor installer will provide an accurate assessment of whether subfloor work is needed or not, but some less skilled installers may miss out on this detail in order to provide a cheap quote.


A reliable flooring supplier will employ skilled installers. A badly installed floor will not last long, so it is essential that only knowledgeable and experienced installers work on the floor. The installers should also clear up after installing and leave no waste materials behind. Only accept a quote from a flooring contractor that has a solid reputation for using top class installers


Most quotes for commercial flooring in Chester will be fixed and not subject to negotiation. Some installers may throw in extras such as free underlays. If a quote seems reasonable and there are more areas that could benefit from new flooring, ask for a combined quote for multiple areas as this could work out cheaper per room.

Customer service

A quote for commercial flooring should include a guarantee. For example, many LVT tiling manufactures will provide one for ten years or more.

The floor installer should be insured for public liability and other relevant insurance.

A trusted floor installer will provide good aftersales service. If any faults are found, they should be rectified quickly. Expect maintenance advice from your installer with recommendations on the best cleaning solutions and equipment to keep the floor clean and well maintained.

There are many businesses in Chester who need good quality flooring. It is easy to get a commercial flooring quote, but companies need to make sure they are getting one from trusted and reliable suppliers and installers.

How wooden buildings help tackle climate change

Most new commercial buildings are constructed mainly from concrete, but a few construction projects are using wood because of its environmental credentials.

It is estimated that concrete is responsible for 4% to 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions. Sand used in concrete is being depleted at a rapid pace, and the substance needs large amounts of steel to reinforce it.

Many buildings have wood features such as solid wood flooring, but architect Andrew Waugh argues that there is an environmental case for constructing entire buildings mainly from wood. Buildings made from wood are 20% lighter than concrete ones and require fewer foundations. Wood from sustainably managed forests store CO2, not emit it. By replacing steel and concrete with wood, the amount of CO2 emitted from building materials is significantly reduced.

Between 15% and 28% of homes built in the UK each year use timber frame construction and capture over one million tonnes of CO2. Increasing the number of wooden buildings constructed could double or triple this amount. There have also been calls for planting trees on a huge scale to capture CO2.

Homes and commercial buildings in Chester, if not made entirely from wood, can still contribute to carbon savings by installing solid wood floors. Wood floors add value to a building and will last a long time. When worn, instead of replacing the floor, it can be sanded to make it to look like new. The wood can be recycled at the end of a floor’s life.

What are the best carpets for landlords in Chester?

There is a wide range of carpets available, but which is the best for landlords to buy for their rented properties?

There are a large number of houses and apartments for rent in Chester, from small terraces and shared student housing to luxury homes. Carpets are a popular choice of floor covering for landlord, not least because of the wide range of colours, patterns, textiles and grades available.


The carpet colour needs to appeal to most tenants, so avoid garish patterns and bright gaudy colours. White and very light carpets are not a good idea as they easily show up dirt and stains, while black and very dark carpets may make the room appear dark and uninviting. For most rooms, the best choice is a medium-shade neutral colour.


Expect wear and tear on the carpets. Chester students are fond of holding parties, so a cheap thin carpet will not withstand many gatherings in student accommodation before it begins to look worn.

Most landlords don’t want to spend too much money on carpets unless they are for the luxury end of the rental property market. The ideal carpet will be durable and not too expensive. It is worth paying a little extra for a higher grade carpet as this will not need replacing as often.

Easy to clean

Landlords expect that their tenants will look after the property and this includes regular cleaning. They can help tenants by installing easy to clean carpets. As a general guide, short pile carpets will be easier to clean than long pile ones. All carpets can be vacuumed, but not all vacuum cleaners are equal. A good quality vacuum cleaner is worth investing in as it will pick up more dirt from the carpet.

If the carpet is stained from spills, nylon and other man-made fibre carpets are easier to clean than natural fibre cotton and wool carpets. Some carpets are treated with a stain resistant solution.


Wool provides warmth and luxury but is more expensive than carpets made from other textiles. Wool carpets last a long time and are especially suitable for high-end properties. Tenants that pay high rents expect good quality carpets.


Polypropylene  is a synthetic manmade fibre that is hardwearing and stain resistant. However, after a while, the fibres can get damaged. These carpets are a low-cost option for spare rooms and other rooms that do not get used a lot.


Nylon carpets are especially hardwearing and stain resistant. They are ideal for high-traffic areas such as hallways and stairs.

Help from carpet suppliers

There are many carpet suppliers in Chester and the surrounding area. Landlords should use one that is experienced in installing carpets in rented properties. They can provide detailed advice about the best carpet choices for landlords in Chester, visit rental properties, measure the room areas, and recommend the most suitable option. Also, they will have samples of the various carpet grades and will provide competitive quotes.