Quality vinyl flooring at very competitive prices!

Not only is it durable and affordable, vinyl flooring is also available in a wonderfully diverse range of designs to suit a whole host of interior styles. We are proud suppliers of vinyl flooring from well-known manufacturers. Our flooring expert will be happy to guide you with friendly and knowledgeable interior advice in order to select the perfect vinyl product for your requirements. 

Take inspiration from the beauty of nature with wood-effect vinyl flooring

Simple and timeless, why not add warmth and character to your home with wood-effect vinyl flooring? Vinyl floors which give the convincing appearance of authentic wood are exceptionally popular with our customers and many different styles of home décor can be enhanced with this adaptable product:

  • Choose a lighter or grey palette to complement a Scandinavian kitchen
  • Opt for a dark, rich and dramatic tone for a dining room or modern kitchen scheme
  • Vinyl flooring which captures rustic wood grain will suit country kitchens, vintage or industrial-style spaces
  • Mellow honey-toned wood, such as oak, walnut, maple and antique pine are ideal for contemporary family homes where character and polish is sought for open plan living spaces

Wood-effect vinyl flooring is not only available in standard plank designs but is also supplied in herringbone and grid configurations. It can also be laid with borders for an altogether more ornate and unique look to mimic a parquet floor.

The look of natural stone with vinyl flooring

Sticking with the natural theme, vinyl flooring to replicate the look of travertine, slate, marble and many other types of stone is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and hallways.

  • Choose a classical marble-look vinyl to add a timeless appeal to bathrooms and kitchens or even bedrooms and hallways
  • Bring glamourous yet earthy intensity with glistening mica-layered vinyl flooring
  • Add urban chic with cool-toned stone-effect vinyl for a modern yet natural look

Mimic sleek porcelain or ceramic tile or add an abstract design with vinyl flooring

Plain vinyl or products with a sleek and very minimal design are ideal for modern and contemporary rooms. Alternatively, vinyl flooring with patterns, motifs and borders can be used to create visual interest and deliver a distinctive focal point in any room within the home – these products especially lend themselves to larger, open plan spaces as well as to conservatories and entrance halls. There are so many options to choose from, including organic-inspired floral motifs, geometric forms, Victorian deco styles and modern abstract patterns.

If you decide that vinyl flooring isn't quite right for your project then we also offer a broad range of quality laminate flooring, carpets, and solid/engineered wood flooring. There's also currently no VAT to pay, saving you 20%