Is It Ok To Use Laminate Flooring In The Kitchen?

The kitchen is the centre of activity in most people’s homes. A place not only to cook and entertain but often a place where the kids sit down and do their homework and adults can sit around and chat over a coffee.

Naturally if you are spending a lot of time in a room you want it to feel warm, cosy and inviting. Your choice of flooring is essential to this of course so why shouldn’t you choose the cushioned warmth of a laminate floor in your kitchen?  

Unfortunately laminate gained a reputation for being the wrong choice in rooms where spillages occur frequently and regular mopping is a necessity.  This often leads people to opt for the water resistant properties of vinyl, which has come a long way from the old fashioned stuff that lay on floors in the 80s.

But if the infinite practicality of a vinyl floor isn’t for you and you can’t bear the thought of doing without the cushioned real wood effect of laminate, then you will be pleased to hear that laminate flooring is now far more resistant to the demand of the kitchen than it used to be.

Good quality laminate flooring for kitchens will certainly be splash proof and as long as it isn’t given regular soakings it should last you a long time. If however you are the kind of person who doesn’t think your floor is clean without having a soaking wet mop on a daily basis then you will probably be wiser choosing vinyl.