Why Buy Artificial Grass This Summer?

Summer is here and that means the sun will hopefully be out more and you’ll be hearing the familiar drone of lawnmowers as everyone with a garden struggles to keep their grass looking perfect. Fortunately, you don’t need to be mowing your own lawn any more because there is an alternative that is becoming more popular every year and that’s artificial grass!

Yes artificial grass  is making a comeback in a big way as more and more people decide that they would rather enjoy the summer than spend it looking after their lawns. Artificial grass is ideal for those awkward parts of the garden where the grass grows but never looks healthy and often gets waterlogged for more than half the year when it rains.

It also looks great when laid on penthouse rooftop gardens and patios when you want the beauty of a natural green lawn but it is hard or impossible to create the right conditions for a healthy, natural lawn to flourish.

Of course having an artificial lawn isn’t for everyone but the advantages of an artificial lawn are hard to argue against.  

Lawns take a lot of work to get them looking lush and green and they don’t take kindly to any extremes of weather. Droughts and dry weather are a particular challenge which is made worse when there is a hosepipe ban.

You get none of these problems with artificial grass and your lawn stays lush and green all year round.  

Unlike a natural grass lawn, you also get to choose the length and colour of your grass to make it look more natural. It can be easily laid out on most surfaces and is incredibly tough and durable.   

Artificial grass looks just like the real thing today thanks to advances in the way it is made. So, if you want to be freed from lawnmower duties this summer, give us a call at Homestyle Carpets.