3 Reasons To Choose Carpet For Your Home

People either love carpet or they hate it but there is no doubting the fact that the huge choice of styles, textures and colours available make it the ultimate choice for anyone wanting to add their own personal touch and personality to the home. Besides this, there are also many other benefits to fitting carpet you may not be aware of…

It makes a room cosier

The main reason people opt for carpet in their homes is to make a room feel more warm and comfortable. This is not surprising when you consider carpet offers thermal resistance, keeping warmth in a room for longer. It also provides a softer place for children to play where toddlers especially are prone to falls and tumbles while they are playing.

It can actually improve indoor air quality

The main thing that puts people off carpet is the idea that it increases the potential for allergies and harbours dust and dirt. Yet there are studies that have shown people with asthma and other allergy problems have actually seen their symptoms reduced in rooms fitted with carpet. This is because carpet traps a lot of dust and pollen in its fibres rather than allowing these troublesome microscopic particles to circulate. As long as a carpet is kept clean, it should help improve rather than impact on indoor air quality.

Carpet helps to reduce noise

The same properties that help retain heat in the home are also useful for absorbing sound. Carpet is great for sound insulation and will certainly reduce noise from footsteps on stairs and in bedrooms. Carpet is one of the most effective sound barriers you can install.