Greater Manchester school tackles issue of sun-fading floor coverings

Radclyffe School in Oldham, Greater Manchester has an atrium area that has a lot of natural light and this could cause the flooring to fade, but an innovative coating may help keep concerns at bay.

The atrium area has a clear Perspex roof that creates a space that enjoys an abundance of natural light. While this feature is enjoyed by pupils and staff, too much sunlight can fade a floor. Hundreds of children walk over the floor each day, so any new floor needed to be be able to withstand pressure.

The solution the floor installer came up with was to use a multi-resin coating that featured decorative flecks. A topcoat of clean UV protection seal prevents fading by sunlight. The floor is hard wearing, looks good, is easy to clean and was within the school’s budget.

Most indoor flooring in North Wales does not receive too much natural light. However, some business properties have large glass windows and this could cause a risk of the sun fading the floor. Hardwood flooring is especially prone to discolouration from the sun.

Your flooring company in North Wales may recommend a similar solution to the one used by Radclyffe School. Many people see the climate of North Wales as being dark and wet, but the 2018 summer was very hot throughout the UK, with many hours of sunlight. The effect of the sun needs to be considered in all areas where large windows let in sunlight.