How long does vinyl flooring last?

Whether installing new flooring in the home or workplace, most people want a floor that will last a long time. Vinyl flooring in North Wales is a popular choice because it is easy to maintain and looks good, but how long does it last?

Standard quality vinyl flooring should last between ten to twenty years. Obviously, vinyl installed in the home will last longer than that installed in a busy business area where lots of people walk on the floor every day. Top quality luxury vinyl tiles are thicker than average and come with a 25-year guarantee. They cost more, but the flooring will not need replacing so often, so in the long run can be less expensive than installing thinner tiles.

There are things that you can do that will make vinyl last longer. Firstly, buy a cleaner that is designed to be applied to vinyl floors, because it will not scratch the floor. Use acidic cleaning fluids that break down dirt and grime; simply adding vinegar to a cleaning product can add acidity

Before mopping, sweep or vacuum the loose dirt and dust to prevent scratches. Avoid moving heavy furniture around vinyl floors as this could damage the floor. You can attach protective pads to chair and table legs that prevent damage.

Don’ t worry about spilling liquids on vinyl, as it is waterproof and suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

As long as you regularly clean vinyl flooring thoroughly, it can easily outlast the manufacturer's guarantee period.