Artist and manufacturer come together to produce wall carpets

A partnership between a Swiss artist and an Indian carpetmaker has created carpets that have been displayed on the walls as art.

Karim Noureldin, a Swiss-Egyptian artist, wanted to design and produce carpets made using the Panza weave technique, which is a rare process that few people know how to do. After years searching for people capable of producing his Panza weave carpets, he tracked down a small workshop in a village near Jaipur in India where over 60 weavers work.

The 20 metre by 5 metre carpets are made on the floor, not on a loom. The name Panza refers to the hand tool used by several weavers at a time to make the carpets. The carpets produced for Noureldin are bright modern designs. They are recognised as art and two were selected to be hung on the walls of an exhibition that was part of Art Dubai.

Panza carpets take 10 times longer to weave than traditionally weaved rugs. This makes them very expensive, but 30% to 40% of the purchase price goes directly to the weavers. Some of their income has been given to their village to purchase a water purveying system and sweaters for the local schoolchildren.

The weaving factory does not have the capacity to produce many carpets, so people who can afford the prices may wait a very long time for delivery. Less expensive carpets for your Chester home are available now for your floors, not your walls.