Can vinyl flooring be used in a bathroom?

A question that many people ask about vinyl flooring is whether it is suitable from bathrooms and other areas that regularly get wet. Here are some common queries:

Is vinyl plank flooring good for a bathroom?

There are three main sizes of vinyl – tiles, sheets and planks. All sizes of vinyl are suitable for bathrooms, as they are resistant to humidity, steam and moisture. Sheet vinyl has the advantage that it can be laid in one piece without leaving exposed seams, but depending on the size of the bathroom, the sheet width could mean you pay for more vinyl than you need. If planks or tiles are used, there will be no problem provided that the floor is sealed, especially at the seams.

Planks are 100% waterproof so will not absorb moisture. If the bathroom should flood, planks can be lifted and dried, then replaced. If damaged they can easily be replaced.

What is the best vinyl flooring for bathrooms?

If the floor is sealed properly, vinyl flooring is ideal for bathrooms. Other floor materials may be waterproof, but they can still be affected by high humidity. A hot bath or shower can raise the humidity to high levels. Wood gradually absorbs moisture from condensation and can warp, making it unsuitable. Engineered wood is better, but the top choice is still vinyl.

Stone and tiles are suitable for bathrooms, but they are colder on bare feet. Most types of vinyl are suitable for bathrooms, but many people prefer the look and feel of luxury vinyl tiles or planks. Quality vinyl will last longer and is easy to clean and maintain.

Cheaper thin vinyl, especially when installing in sheets, can curl and can easily get damaged if objects are dropped on them, so choose a high-quality option.

Vinyl flooring is available in wood and stone patterns that look natural, or you can choose from many different colours and patterns.

Is Amtico flooring suitable for bathrooms?

Amtico produces a range of vinyl flooring, especially for bathrooms. It combines outstanding performance with beautiful designs, making it the top choice for architects and interior designers.

The Amtico bathroom range can be installed over most existing floors, including wood, stone and concrete. To make your bathroom extra cosy in winter, Amtico bathroom flooring can be installed over underfloor heating.

The Amtico Signature range is suitable for both home and business bathrooms. If you follow Amtico’s recommended maintenance practices, Signature vinyl will last a long time. When installed in the home, it has a lifetime warranty which lasts the lifetime of the purchaser.

Amtico vinyl should be professionally installed in the bathroom. The installer will make sure that the existing floor is smooth, dry and level. If the subfloor is uneven, they can coat it with a cement scree to level it.

As you might expect, Amitco flooring costs more than some other brands, but it is worth paying for extra quality and durability. It lasts for years so it is cost effective in the long term compared to cheaper vinyl that may need replacing after a few years.