University of Glasgow library installs quiet floor

The University of Glasgow has installed a new floor in its library in a bid the keep the building as quiet as possible.

Taralay Impression Comfort flooring from Gerflor, a multi-layered vinyl two-metre-wide sheet flooring, met the University’s specifications for a floor covering that has acoustic properties and is able to stand up to heavy footfall.

The flooring has a foam glass reinforced backing, a printed wood effect vinyl design and a transparent wear layer. This vinyl flooring contains no heavy metals and complies with the REACH specifications for products with no harmful chemicals. It has a 19 decibel sound insulation and is easy to maintain. In addition, it is soft to the foot, and impact and scratch resistant.

When installing LVT flooring in Chester homes and business, you may not need your rooms to be as quiet as the University of Glasgow library, but top-quality thick vinyl will reduce unnecessary noise to some extent. Leading brands like Amtico have noise-reducing properties that are useful in busy offices where too much noise could affect workers’ concentration. In the home, LVT can be installed in noisy children’s bedrooms to reduce the racket heard by relaxing adults in the lounge below.

Quality LVT may cost more than thinner tiles, but because it lasts longer, it is usually better value in the long run.

If, like the University of Glasgow you want vinyl flooring that is hardwearing, easy to maintain and reduces noise levels, luxury vinyl is a good choice.