Could next year’s carpet colours be influenced by virtual reality?

According to the Global Colour Trend Forecast, trending colours for 2019 will be inspired by video games and virtual reality, with palettes dominated by blues and greens.

The Global Color Trend Forecast is compiled in partnership with Anne Marie Commandeur from Stijlinstituut, an Amsterdam based materials and textile agency. She is exploring the way colour stimulates the senses, and says that the key trends for colour in 2019 will be what she calls the ‘Reflect’ palettes, the main themes of which are play, primal and grow.

Commandeur said:

“Reflect stresses the importance of light. It explores how the innovative lighting systems being designed and developed interact with the spaces they inhabit, including the floor. Textiles are ultimately versatile: they can reflect as well as absorb. She says that, like a video game or virtual reality world, a carpet creates an interactive and sensory immersive environment.”

She adds that carpets are about texture and how they reflect light, but they also have an aural effect in the way that they absorb sound.

The Global Colour Trend Forecast is an important influence for carpet manufacturers to come up with new products that feature colours from the palettes covered. Those choosing new carpets in North Wales’ desirable homes could find their choice of colour and textures influenced by video games and virtual reality, even though they may not be aware of this. Homeowners, nonetheless, are advised to simply choose a colour because it appeals to them rather than being part of a trend.