Six reasons why LVT is ideal for commercial flooring in Chester

Busy businesses in Chester have a lot of people walking on their floors. They need high-quality flooring that will last a long time and does not cost a fortune.

Many business owners prefer luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring for their Chester workplaces. There are six main reasons why this is such a good choice.

1. LVT flooring in Chester is cost effective

Good quality vinyl tiles will last a long time. They are less expensive than stone tiles or hardwood floors. You can buy LVT tiles that look like wood or stone if you want a natural look.

It’s better to go for quality LVT tiles that are thicker and stronger than cheap grades. Very cheap vinyl flooring can, in the long term, be more expensive as it will need replacing more often than better grades.

2. LVT flooring is easy to install

Tiles can be fixed over the top of many existing floors, which eliminates the necessity to remove the old floor covering. As long as the floor is level, vinyl can be easily installed.

Installation is fast and this means that installing LVT flooring is not expensive. In many areas, LVT flooring can be installed overnight so that there is no interruption during working hours. The floor will be ready to walk on the next day.

3. LVT flooring looks great

Businesses want their rooms to look visually appealing, especially in public areas, and Chester is known as a quaint, historic city, LVT is available in many patterns and colours. Tiles can look like stone or wood, or many vibrant contemporary designs are available too. More conservative businesses like accountants and solicitors can choose more neutral colours. A young Chester tech start-up business may prefer more colourful shades to suit their business style.

4. A comfortable choice of commercial flooring in Chester

LVT flooring is soft and can be made even softer with a suitable underlay. Workers who stand or walk a lot appreciate that LVT flooring puts less strain on their bodies.

Though soft, LVT flooring has a top layer that prevents scratches and scuff marks.

5. LVT flooring is durable

Vinyl tiles are suitable for high footfall areas. Many manufacturers provide long guarantees of around 10 years to back up their claims that LVT flooring is durable. In practice, LVT flooring can last for 20 years or more.

LVT flooring is suitable for most areas. It can be installed in bathrooms and high-moisture areas provided the joints are sealed well.

6. Easy care commercial flooring

Businesses need floors that are easy and quick to care for to reduce cleaning costs. Debris and dust can simply be swept up, and regular mopping will keep the floor clean. LVT is water resistant, so is fine for areas with exits to the outside affected by the damp Chester climate.

When choosing commercial flooring for your Chester workplace, LVT flooring is ideal. Visit your Chester flooring company to see its wide range of LVT samples suitable for commercial flooring.