Rapid growth expected in wood and laminate flooring

A report has forecast that the global market for laminate and wood flooring will expand rapidly during the next few years and by 2026 over 2,130 million sq meters of wood and laminate flooring will be sold worldwide.

Though laminate and wood floor coverings are used in new buildings, the report by market researchers Fact.MR says that more will be sold for repair and renovation projects. The highest demand for wood and laminate flooring is expected to come from Europe.

One of the factors fuelling the growth of wood and laminate flooring is the low price. Laminate is a low-cost alternative to wood. Whilst wood is more expensive to purchase and install, it lasts a long time and works out cost effective in the long term. Solid and top-grade engineered wood has the advantage that it can be sanded when worn to make it look like new again.

Another reason for the popularity of wood and laminates is their look. People like the natural look of real wood. Modern printing technology has made the wood image on laminate tiles almost identical to the real material.

Laminate or wood flooring in Chester is a good choice for homes and business premises. It is durable and easy to maintain. Solid wood can add value to a home as well as looking beautiful. Laminate is a great choice for a low-cost wood alternative if the budget does not stretch to real hardwood.