Flooring designed to encourage networking and collaboration

Floor coverings that have been used in a building refit are part of a vision to anchorage networking and collaboration, by the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.

The Trust recently refit its You Space building in London. The brief for the designers was to create an open space that creates the feeling of flexibility, collaboration and networking.

One of the lead designers, Chris Crawford, said:

“We wanted to create a bright and positive interior that reflected the Trust’s mission whilst being sensitive to anything related to Stephen’s memorial and retaining the spatial purity created in the original design.”

Orange was Stephen Lawrence’s favourite colour and this inspired the use of the colour, which spreads from the ceiling, down the walls and in the floors.

The top floor of the building has stone design LVT flooring which is loosely laid to form an attractive comfortable floor. The grey stone contrasts with the brightly coloured seat cushions and stools. High quality LVT with multiple layers was chosen for its strength and durability.

The entrance has specialised Coral Classic floor coverings that absorb 95% of the dirt and moisture from the outside to prevent them from being carried to the interior floors.

You Space is being used by organisations, schools, and projects that benefit young people and the building is designed to inspire them

LVT flooring, for North Wales workplaces where businesses want highly practical and good looking floors, is ideal. The You Space refit has also shown that careful design choices and LVT flooring can improve the atmosphere of a workplace.