The benefits of laminate flooring in Wrexham property

Wrexham is the largest town in North Wales, with many houses and commercial premises. If you live here, you’ll know that it rains a lot in the area, so floors have to withstand dripping water and muddy shoes. There are therefore many benefits of installing laminate flooring in Wrexham rooms.

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate consists of a number of layers of composite wood bonded together to form a strong long-lasting flooring. A photo image of a wood pattern is printed on the laminate. Modern printing techniques make the images lifelike so that, unless examined closely, laminates are indistinguishable from real wood.

Cost of laminate flooring in Wrexham

Compared to solid wood, laminates are a cheaper alternative. They have a click system to join the laminate planks together, which makes them quick to install. You can install them yourself but flooring services in Wrexham will not charge a lot for installation.

Water and scratch resistance

The top layer of laminate flooring makes them water and scratch resistant. They are ideal for busy homes with children and pets or commercial premises that a large number of people use.

Though scratch resistant, it is recommended that heavy furniture has felt pads on them to protect the floor.

Laminates can withstand liquids spilt on them and dripping clothes after coming in from the stormy Wrexham weather but may be damaged if the building is flooded.

Laminates can be installed in kitchen areas, and some laminates grades are suitable for bathrooms. If you want to install laminate in high moisture areas consult your flooring service in Wrexham to make sure that you order a laminate with high water resistance.

Cleaning and maintenance

Laminates are easy to clean. Regular sweeping with a brush and mopping with mild detergent keep the floors clean and hygienic.

If an area of the floor gets damaged, it is not easy to repair, but if a few extra laminate planks are purchased, they can be used to replace damaged sections.

Laminate floors have UV ray protection, which means that they will not fade in areas that catch the sun.


Laminates are available to look like various types of wood. Planks come in varying patterns to make the grain effect look like the random grains of real wood.

How long do laminate floors last?

Laminate floors are strong and can last between 15 and 30 years. A lot depends on the grade of laminates - high-quality ones should last longer. In commercial premises with lots of footfall, laminate flooring may only last ten years.

Hardwood flooring can last around 75 years and is recommended if the cost of buying it and installing it can be afforded. Laminates are a good low-cost alternative.

Flooring services in Wrexham

To find out more about the benefits of laminate flooring, talk to local flooring services in Wrexham. They have samples of the various types of laminate flooring they stock, and will provide a reasonable quote for installing laminate flooring in small or large rooms.