What carpet is best for a rental property?

You need carpets for rental property that will look good and be practical.

Carpets may be subject to heavy use in rental properties, so need to be thick and durable. It is not advisable to go for the cheapest carpets, as they will more than likely not last long.

A carpet needs to look good, but don’t go for bold patterns. As a landlord, you may like a bright pattern carpet, but your tenants may not have your aesthetic taste. Choose a neutral design in either a plain colour or with a subtle pattern.

Tenants may not look after the carpet as well as homeowners would. They may spill things and not bother to clean properly, which is why stain-resistant carpets are recommended. It is more common for carpets to need replacing because of stains than through wear and tear. You might also want to avoid light-coloured carpets that show up stains.

Professional tenants renting more expensive properties expect premium quality furnishings. These tenants may love luxury wool carpets, but these are expensive and liable to stain more than stain-resistant carpets. If you are charging high rents, wool carpets may be worth investing to attract reliable and professional tenants.

When choosing carpets, look at the cleaning and maintenance requirements and consider ones that involve the least work. Encourage your tenants to regularly vacuum the carpets and deep clean at least once a year.

A good-quality carpet should last at least 10 years with normal wear and tear. A top-quality one may last longer. Cheap carpets may last between three and five years. You can consider carpet alternatives like wood, laminates and LVT that may cost more to buy and install, but can last longer than carpets.

If you install good looking and practical carpets and have tenants that look after them, carpets are a good floor covering choice for rented property.