The advantages of LVT flooring for landlords and letting agents in Chester

Luxury vinyl tiles, or LVT, is a good choice for rented property because it is cost effective, easy to maintain and durable.

There are many reasons why people live in rented property in Chester. Students studying at the University of Chester require accommodation during the academic year, people saving up to buy their own home want temporary accommodation, whilst others prefer to live in rented properties rather than have the responsibly of property ownership.

There are many landlords and letting agents in Chester to cater to the high demand for rented accommodation. Though they expect tenants to look after the property, it helps to make their task easier by installing flooring that is not too difficult to clean and is strong enough to cope with a few parties.

There are five main reasons why LVT flooring is a good choice:

• Price

• Durability

• Room type

• Design

• Easy maintenance

Price and durability

Price and durability need to be looked at together. A cheap carpet or laminate flooring will not cost as much as LVT but will need replacing sooner due to its lack of durability. A good quality grade LVT should last over 25 years even in houses shared by many tenants. This means that the total cost of LVT flooring is cost effective in the long term.

The cost of installing LVT floors is not high. They can be laid over existing subfloors, but uneven floors may require a cement screed.

Manufactures of quality LVT will provide a guarantee for a period of up to 25 years if the flooring is installed in residential properties.

Room type

In some rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms, tenants may prefer a good-quality carpet for its warmth and comfort, but carpets are not suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, so LVT is a good choice for these areas.

If lounges have LVT flooring, they can be made cosier with rugs.


LVT comes in many attractive designs. The most popular designs look like wood or stone. Modern digital printing has made LVT stone and wood designs look realistic.

Landlords need designs that are attractive to all tenants. Neutral colours and muted patterns are preferred over bright colours and busy patterns. Your LVT supplier will have many tiles suitable for rented properties.

Easy maintenance

Landlords expect that tenants will keep properties clean, and LVT floors are easy to maintain. Vacuum cleaners with hard floor settings can pick up loose dirt and debris, while stains and spills can simply be mopped up. LVT is stain resistant and can stand red wine and other spills without discolouring.

If heavy objects are dropped on the floor, they could cause dents and marks in the tiles, so it’s a good idea for landlords to keep a few spare tiles to replace any damaged ones.

To find out more about the benefits of LVT flooring for landlords and letting agents in Chester, talk to your local LVT flooring supplier.