How to find the best flooring company in North Wales

If you need new flooring and you have not used a flooring company in North Wales before, how do you find the best one?

Length in business

The best flooring companies have been in business for many years and have built a reputation for supplying quality floor coverings at good prices. Look for testimonials from satisfied customers, or if you know someone who has dealt with the company, talk to them about their experiences.

Growing a successful business is difficult and many fail after a year or two. If a flooring business is a few decades old, it must be doing something right.


Finding the cheapest quote should not be the only reason for choosing a flooring company, but you should expect value for money. Many flooring companies have large showrooms, which are expensive to run and staff. There are flooring companies that do not have shops with expensive overheads. The money they save is passed on to their customers in reduced prices.

When comparing quotes, make sure that you are comparing like with like. Some quotes include free fitting and underlay. Does the quote cover plates and grippers, or are they extra?


Many people live busy lives, which restricts the time they have available to shop for floor coverings. If you are not available during normal business hours, look for a flooring company open at weekends or in the evening.

It saves time if a representative of the flooring company visits your home or business premises. They will measure the area to be covered and provide accurate quotes for various types of floor covering. Some locations in North Wales are remote and off the main roads. Expect the floor covering company to cover all areas of North Wales.

Many North Wales businesses want flooring for busy areas and need a flooring company to work overnight to minimise business disruption.

Customer service

You need a flooring company to provide first-class customer service. Representatives and fitters should be punctual for appointments. If the company tells you how long fitting takes, they should not significantly exceed that time without good reason. Unexpected issues can crop up along the way, but the company should address them efficiently and promptly.

There are many good flooring companies in North Wales. Knowing what to expect from a flooring company, plus doing your research, will enable you to find the best.