How to get the best quotes for commercial flooring in Chester

It’s easy to get quotes for commercial flooring in Chester from one of the many flooring suppliers in the region. Most will send someone to measure up then provide a quote for various floor coverings, but how can you be sure that you are getting the best quote?

The cheapest quote?

It is tempting to go for the cheapest quote, but this isn’t always the best. Many areas in commercial premises get a lot of use, especially areas where the public use. Cheap flooring may be fine for residential use, but will soon look worn in a commercial room where hundreds of people walk on the floor every day.

Commercial flooring needs to last, so go for a flooring grade that is durable and better than cheaper alternative.


A quote is often for installing the flooring during the day, but this may be inconvenient as workers and customers will be denied access to the room whilst the flooring is being installed. If this is an issue, get a quote from an installer who can do the job overnight so that business is not interrupted.


Many floor coverings can be laid over the top of the existing subfloor. If the subfloor is uneven, the installer may need to add a cement screed or take up the old flooring. If the quote does not include subfloor work, make sure that this is appropriate. A good floor installer will provide an accurate assessment of whether subfloor work is needed or not, but some less skilled installers may miss out on this detail in order to provide a cheap quote.


A reliable flooring supplier will employ skilled installers. A badly installed floor will not last long, so it is essential that only knowledgeable and experienced installers work on the floor. The installers should also clear up after installing and leave no waste materials behind. Only accept a quote from a flooring contractor that has a solid reputation for using top class installers


Most quotes for commercial flooring in Chester will be fixed and not subject to negotiation. Some installers may throw in extras such as free underlays. If a quote seems reasonable and there are more areas that could benefit from new flooring, ask for a combined quote for multiple areas as this could work out cheaper per room.

Customer service

A quote for commercial flooring should include a guarantee. For example, many LVT tiling manufactures will provide one for ten years or more.

The floor installer should be insured for public liability and other relevant insurance.

A trusted floor installer will provide good aftersales service. If any faults are found, they should be rectified quickly. Expect maintenance advice from your installer with recommendations on the best cleaning solutions and equipment to keep the floor clean and well maintained.

There are many businesses in Chester who need good quality flooring. It is easy to get a commercial flooring quote, but companies need to make sure they are getting one from trusted and reliable suppliers and installers.