Your guide to carpets for Wrexham homes and businesses

There has been a trend over the last few years for hard floor coverings like laminates, vinyl and wood, but many Wrexham households and commercial buildings are returning to using carpets. So why is this?

Style choice

There is a huge range of carpet colours, styles and patterns to choose from to satisfy all types of people. Whether you like a contemporary look in a room or a more traditional style, there are carpets to suit everyone.


A good quality carpet adsorbs sound. For example, some restaurants are covered in hard surfaces which reflect the sound, making them noisy at busy times. This may be fine for fast food establishments, but many diners prefer the quieter atmosphere that carpets create so that they can easily hear their conversations and have a leisurely relaxed dining experience.

At home, carpets can deaden the sound of noisy children or teenagers in other rooms.


The average carpet costs less than many other types of floor covering, though a luxury wool pile carpet can work out more expensive than cheap laminate flooring.


Carpets are a non-slip surface, which makes them particularly suitable for homes with elderly people as the carpet can prevent injury by cushioning falls. Items dropped on a carpet are less likely to break than with hard surfaces.


Most carpets need regular vacuuming and the occasional deep clean. Many are treated with stain and soil resistant treatments to make them easy to clean.

Water resistance

Water resistance needs considering in Wrexham because the area has a high annual rainfall. Carpets don’t like a lot of moisture, which makes them unsuitable for bathrooms and other wet areas. They’re fine for halls, but a moisture-absorbing mat is recommended at the entrance door to catch the water drips from people coming in from a typically rainy Wrexham day.

Carpet types

There are four basic carpet types:

1. Nylon is durable and is ideal for heavy traffic areas. Nylon carpets treated with stain resistance are recommended.

2. Polyester has a luxury feel and is good value for homes or business areas with medium traffic.

3. Olefin has good stain resistance and is good value for money, but is not as durable as nylon and polyester.

4. Wool is the favourite carpet for people who like natural materials. Quality wool carpets are not cheap but they will last a long time and have a luxury feel and look.


Carpets come in cut pile, loop and cut-loop textures. Cut pile carpets are soft are comforting. Loop pile makes carpets are more durable in high traffic areas. Cut-loop carpets combine high cut tufts with lower loops to create a sculptured look, and are good performance carpets but not as durable as loop carpets.

Choosing the best carpet

The best carpet for a room depends on how the room is used, and the volume of footfall. There is a huge variety of carpet qualities, styles, colours and patterns. Visit your local supplier to discover the best carpets for your Wrexham home or business.