Take a fresh look at laminate flooring for North Wales rooms

People who are used to cheap laminate floor coverings should take a fresh look at modern laminates that will enhance North Wales rooms.

Living in North Wales

North Wales is a great place to live in with beautiful natural areas, fantastic restaurants and many attractions. There are many successful businesses in the area that provide employment. Welsh residents appreciate nature influenced design, which means like the look of natural wood in floors in homes and businesses and don’t like cheap looking décor.

However, it has to be of good quality. A poll by the homeware store Dunelm found that people disliked cheap laminate flooring only slightly less than they hated woodchip wallpaper. The respondents in the poll were likely influenced by the cheap laminates of the past, which were not very durable and often had patterns that didn’t resemble real wood.

Modern high-quality laminates, on the other hand, are a different ball game.

Modern laminates

Cheap laminates are thin so will not last as long as higher-quality thicker ones. For a durable floor covering, choose laminates where the bottom layer is at least 8mm thick.

Modern printing technology means that wood grain patterns on laminate planks look very realistic. The patterns can be embossed to add a real wood-like texture. Laminate flooring is a great alternative to natural wood, offering the look of wood at a less expensive cost.

Premium quality laminate planks have a polyurethane topcoat that protects the laminate from wear. The better the coating is, the longer the laminate floor will last. Most manufacturers provide a guarantee that the floor will last for a number of years. Good quality laminates are suitable for high-traffic areas in commercial premises.

Water resistant

You need a floor that will withstand the effects of the North Wales weather, especially in areas with an outside entrance. People coming in with umbrellas and wet clothes are bound to cause water to drip on the floor. Laminate floors are water resistant, which means that although they probably won’t survive prolonged immersion during a flood, as long as spills are mopped up promptly, a little water won’t damage the laminate floor.

Laminates need to be fitted correctly. Click-together locking systems join the planks in a way that means no water can penetrate to the subfloor.

Laminate flooring used to be unsuitable for high-moisture areas like bathrooms, but a new type of extra water-resistant laminates has been developed that is fine for wet areas.


This increase in quality means you can expect to pay a little more for quality laminate flooring these days, but because of the extra lifespan, the lifetime cost of premium laminates is very reasonable.

Additionally, laminates are generally cheaper than engineered wood or solid wood floors while providing a similar natural wood look. They are quick and easy to install too, keeping fitting costs low.

Buying laminate flooring

Take a fresh look by visiting a supplier and fitter of laminate flooring in North Wales, who will show you samples of modern laminate floors you’re sure to love.