Do weeds grow through artificial grass?

Provided that artificial grass is laid correctly, weeds should not grow through it. To make sure that the grass is laid correctly, it’s advisable to use a professional installer who will make sure your grass keeps weeds at bay.

Installing artificial grass the right way

If the grass is laid over an existing lawn area, you should start by removing all the existing turf. This is easily done with a turf-cutting tool. Then, lay a weed membrane over the top of the remaining soil and fill the area with crushed stone. The ideal size for each stone is a little bit less that an inch.

Make sure that the area is level and that the stones are spread evenly. A rake can be used for this. Over the top of the stones, place another layer of weed membrane.

Professional artificial lawn installers may have variations on the above method. The main principles are to install the grass so that weeds cannot grow through it and water can drain off the lawn. Weeds need water to grow, and proper drainage means that they do not have access to it. Weeds also need nutrients from the soil, so the weed membrane makes sure that weeds cannot find soil to feed off.

Artificial grass has a tightly woven backing. This keeps the blades upright and drains water from the surface to the subsurface. The backing is designed so that only water and not weeds can pass through the backing.

What if weeds do grow through the artificial grass?

If artificial grass has been incorrectly installed or has not got an effective backing, weeds could grow through the grass. You could pull up the artificial grass to repair the stone and weed membrane layers. If you don’t want to do this, the weeds can be pulled up in the same way as with grass. Afterwards treat the lawn with weed killer – a pet-friendly variety if you have animals.

Surface weeds

You may spot weeds and think that they have grown through your artificial grass, but they might only be surface weeds. Airborne seeds carried by birds and the wind can settle on the artificial grass and start to grow.

Simply use a leaf blower or stiff brush to get rid of the surface weeds. If you regularly brush the lawn, seeds will be removed and surface weeds will not appear. You can also cut back trees and hedges that hang over the lawn and drop seeds.

Some users cover the lawn with a pet-friendly weed killer annually or biannually to prevent surface weeds appearing.

The beauty of artificial grass

Properly installed, artificial grass creates both a good-looking and practical lawn. With regular maintenance, you will not be troubled by weeds, and compared to natural grass, the time taken for maintenance is small. Regularly brushing the grass and spraying it with water to clean it will make sure that your artificial lawn will give you and your household pleasure for many years.