Does laminate flooring fade in sunlight?

Most modern laminates are coated with aluminium oxide, which prevents fading. However, some cheap laminate flooring installed near a large window that receives strong sunlight for prolonged periods may show signs of fading.

In this case use blinds, UV protection glass windows or curtains that block the sun, although it is perhaps better to buy a quality laminate that will not fade.

Manufacturer’s guarantee

Some makes of laminate have a manufacturer’s guarantee that their laminates will not fade in the sun. If you are installing laminate flooring in a sunny room, use laminates with a no-fade warranty.

Guarantee periods can be about 50 years, which effectively means that the laminate is guaranteed not to fade during its lifetime.

Guarantees that deal with fading and wear are usually dependent on the floor being installed properly. The floor must also be maintained by regular cleaning, but only with equipment and cleaning products suitable for laminate floors.

Laminate versus hardwood

Many people prefer the natural look of hardwood, but you need to be aware of that hardwood can discolour in strong sunlight. For example, cherrywood can form dark spots when exposed the sun. Hardwood can be treated to lessen fading, but some discolouration may occur.

Laminate flooring looks like wood, but is cheaper and quality laminates will not fade in the sun.

If you do install hardwood flooring, make sure that the windows are covered, or cover the area exposed to the sun with a rug or furniture. You can coat the hardwood floor with a UV inhibitor which protects the floor from the sun’s UV rays that cause fading.

Can sun-faded laminates be fixed?

If your laminate is the type that fades from the sun, there are several things you can do if it fades. If the fading is in an area near a window, a rug can cover the faded section. Laminates can be painted over and then coated with a sealant to protect the floor.

If you can find a match for the laminate flooring, the affected area can be pulled up and replaced by new laminate planks.

Buy good quality laminate flooring

Prevention is better than cure, and good quality laminate flooring will not fade in the sun. What’s more, it will be more durable, ensuring you get more for your money.

Modern laminate floors look like real wood. They are quick to install and can be placed over most floor areas without the need for special preparation. As long as the surface is dry, flat and clear of debris, laminate flooring can be easily installed.

Once in place, laminate floors can be walked on straight away, and are easy to maintain. A quick vacuum and cleaning with a mop will keep the floor clean and dry. Laminate flooring is ideal for areas where pets and children walk and make a mess, which can soon be cleared up.

If you want a stylish looking floor that will not fade in the sun, choose quality laminate flooring in your North Wales home.