Questions to ask when choosing Wrexham flooring

There is a wide range of flooring available, which can make it difficult to choose the best one for your rooms. There are different materials, colours, patterns and various grades of flooring.

To help decide what flooring is best for a particular room, it helps to ask a few questions:

Is my room a bathroom or high-moisture area?

If you expect moisture on your floor (and in North Wales, it’s certainly not uncommon for it to rain!) you need a waterproof floor covering. Ask your flooring company in Wrexham to show you its range of waterproof vinyl, ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Do I have pets and children?

Pets have claws, and children drop things. Solid hardwood flooring looks great but can easily scratch. Fortunately, wood can be sanded and restored, but you may want a more scratch-resistant floor covering. You also need a floor that is easy to clean up the spills your children make, or pools left by your puppy.

What is my budget?

You need the best quality flooring you can afford. Measure the size of the room in square meters and multiply this by the cost per square metre of the floor covering that you prefer. If you want hardwood flooring but find that it is beyond your budget, consider a wood effect laminate or vinyl that has the look you want at a cheaper price.

All floor coverings including vinyl, wood, tile, carpets and laminate come in various grades. Cheaper grades generally will not last as long as higher grades. A more expensive grade of flooring may last a lot longer than cheap grades. This can make good quality floor cost effective as it does not have to be replaced for a long time.

Check with a flooring service in Wrexham whether the price per square meter includes fitting or not.

Do you I want flooring that is easy to maintain?

You may have a busy life and do not want to spend time cleaning your floor. A business has to budget for floor cleaning costs.

Vinyl flooring is easier and quicker to clean. Laminate also requires little maintenance. Solid wood flooring, on the other hand, needs more care. To cut down on cleaning, you can cover high-traffic areas with rugs or runners.

What colour and patterns can a flooring service in Wrexham offer?

When it comes to choosing colours and patterns, this is a personal choice. Your flooring company in Wrexham has a large range of samples for you to look at.

You could search on the internet and in home magazines about the latest home décor trends, or just go by what suits your style. If you are installing a new floor covering in your business, your choice could be influenced by your type of business. A young tech startup could choose bright and bold colours and patterns, whereas an accountant may go for a more neutral tones.

What’s the best choice of flooring company in Wrexham?

Choosing a floor covering does not have to be difficult if you ask yourself the right questions and have the help of your flooring service in Wrexham. Speak to us at Home Style for the best advice.