Should you install engineered or solid wood flooring in your North Wales rooms?

Wood flooring looks great in North Wales rooms. People love its natural look and hardwearing qualities, which is in keeping with the rustic and rural surroundings across large swathes of the region.

The main choices for wood flooring are between engineered and solid wood. Here is a guide to help you choose between them.


One fact you cannot escape from in North Wales is the uncertain weather and high rainfall. A floor with a doorway to the outside will have many people walking over it with wet shoes and dripping clothes. A mat can absorb some of this moisture, but engineered wood flooring in North Wales is more water resistant than solid wood flooring, so can be a better choice for rooms that have outside doors.

In homes in a floodplain, engineered wood flooring is a better choice. No floor covering likes to be underwater for extended periods, but wood flooring, in particular, will warp when soaked. Engineered flooring is water resistant, not waterproof. If flood waters recede quickly enough, the floor could survive.

Installing wood flooring in bathrooms or other high-moisture areas in not advised. Engineered wood in North Wales homes will cope better with extreme temperatures.


Most people cannot tell the difference between solid wood and engineered wood simply by looking at it. This is because engineered wood flooring has a veneer layer of real wood on top of other layers.


Engineered wood is generally less costly than solid wood, so is a good choice if you have a restricted budget. Click-fitting engineered wood planks are quicker to install than solid wood, making installation less expensive.


Both types of flooring will last a long time, but solid wood flooring in your North Wales rooms will last longer. If engineered wood or solid wood looks worn, it can be sanded to restore its looks. As the veneer on engineered wood is thin, there is a limit to how many times this can be done.


Both floor types are easy to maintain. A brush can sweep up dust and debris, and a vacuum cleaner suitable for hard floors should regularly be used.

If an area is scratched, sanding and re-coating with suitable varnish will restore the floor.

Summary of engineered wood flooring benefits for your North Wales rooms

If you want a great looking floor that is cheaper to buy and install than solid wood, choose engineered flooring. A good quality one is recommended, as it will have a thicker veneer.

If you are worried about water, choose engineered wood over solid wood.

Summary of solid wood flooring benefits for your North Wales rooms

For some people, the naturalness of solid wood has no substitute. Engineered wood may look the same, and wood laminates and tiles do a good job of replicating the wood effect, but solid wood flooring is the real thing.

A solid wood floor is a good investment as it will last a very long time. Whichever you choose, there is a rich variety of textures and shades available for both wood flooring types.