Schools urged to consider installing artificial grass sports areas

A workshop at Twickenham Stadium this month is inviting schools to look at installing artificial sports pitches.

Several schools have installed artificial grass in Chester. This substance is especially useful for unused playground areas in creating additional safe playing areas.

The Twickenham workshop organisers invited private school representatives to look at the advantages of artificial grass for rugby fields. A panel of experts advises on designing and planning artificial grass areas and construction, maintenance and performance of artificial grass.

Artificial grass has a number of benefits for sport. Schools in areas like Chester that have high rainfall often cancel sports events after or during heavy rain. If an event is not cancelled, children have the added hazard of mud. Artificial pitches are all-weather surfaces where rainwater quickly drains away,

Artificial grass is suitable for heavy use by schools. As well as football fields, artificial grass can be used for athletics. It can turn rough unsurfaced areas into additional play zones If several consecutive sports events are planned, the pitch preparation and maintenance between events is minimal.

Unlike a new grass area, artificial grass is ready for use as soon as it is installed. No potentially harmful pesticides or fertilizers are needed, which may damage children's health. Artificial grass is available with cushioned underlay to minimise the risk of injury when pupils fall down.

The workshop takes place on January 24. If you are considering artificial grass for your school, home or business, talk to your local supplier and installer.