Wood vs. laminate flooring in Chester rooms

Many people love the look of natural wood for their Chester homes or workplaces. Real hardwood is expensive and is unsuitable for some areas, but laminate is a good alternative.

What’s the difference between hardwood and laminate?

Hardwood is made from harvested trees that are made into planks.

Laminate is made from composite wood layers pressed together. The wood image is then printed onto the surface. Modern laminate wood patterns are very realistic looking.

The cost of laminate flooring in Chester

Some woods are more expensive than others, but hardwood flooring is generally more expensive than laminate. If you are installing flooring on a limited budget, laminate is a better choice.

Laminate is quicker and easier to install than solid wood, so installation costs will be as much as 50% less. You can attempt to install laminate flooring yourself, but flooring services in Chester can install them at a reasonable cost.


Hardwood can get scratched or damaged, but scratches can be sanded off and the area resealed. If hardwood looks shabby and worn, it can be sanded down and varnished again to look like new.

Quality laminate is durable and scratch resistant and should last a long time. Although laminates have wood content, they cannot be sanded down like hardwood.

If hardwood is looked after, it will probably last longer than laminate, but if cost is an issue, laminate is a good option.


Laminates are easier to keep clean than wood, and are less susceptible to staining. A quick brush and a mop using cleaning products formulated for laminates are all you need. A vacuum cleaner suitable for hard floors can be used on both laminates and wood.

If wood is stained or scratched, it can be sanded. Laminate flooring cannot be repaired, but if you buy a few more planks than your need, individual planks can be replaced.

Water resistance

Laminate floors are more water resistant than wood. Laminate flooring can be installed in the kitchen where some moisture is expected, but it is not recommended that laminate is installed in bathrooms or other high-moisture areas.

Wood will warp under a lot of water. A floor that has a door to the outside can be made of wood, as long as a mat is used to catch drips and any water is removed quickly. In rainy Chester, it may be better for halls and other outdoor leading areas to be covered in laminate.

Of course, no floors like being flooded, but a laminate floor will have more of a chance of recovering after flooding than wood. Even so, it must be installed so that edges are sealed.


Wood can fade under prolonged sunlight. You may believe that Chester does not get a lot of sun, but it receives more than many of us realise. The sun does not fade laminates.

Flooring services in Chester offer a full range

Laminate flooring in Chester is available in many grades and wood patterns to choose from. Visit your flooring services in Chester to see their full range.