Flooring expert raises concern over glamour shots

Don Magruder, CEO of Ro-Mac Lumber & Supply, has complained that flooring and building material glamour shots can be misleading or dishonest.

In an article in Daily Commercial, Magruder accuses some companies of hiding quality issues in their photographs. He argues that floor covering photographs may not give a true idea of the thickness, quality and appearance of the material. He says:

“Consumers should understand that minor details can be embellished to make any item seem more than it is.”

Sometimes, shots are taken in rooms with luxury furniture and fittings, which has the effect of making poor quality flooring look more appealing.

Misleading information can also be contained in the description. Magruder says that every word can convey that the product is a much higher quality product then it actually is. He gives the example of describing pine wood flooring as:

“A two-by-four #2 grade southern pine board with limited wane and knots.”

This, according to Magruder, is embellishing what is simply a standard two-by-four #2 pine plank.

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