Vinyl flooring - suitable for most North Wales rooms

Vinyl flooring is a hardwearing floor covering that is easy to clean and maintain, and is suitable for most rooms too. Flooring services in North Wales have a large range of vinyl for you to introduce to almost any room in your home.


Vinyl flooring is water and slip resistant, which makes it ideal for use in bathrooms. There are many colours and vinyl patterns that are suitable for what is usually the first room you enter after you wake up.


There can be frequent spills and moisture in kitchens. Any spills can be easily and quickly be wiped up with a cloth or mop.

Lounge and dining rooms

For living rooms, thick cushioned vinyl is best, and it feels warm and soft to the touch. Wood effect vinyl is particularity popular in lounges and dining rooms. Spills in the dining area can easily be cleaned up.


Vinyl is also suitable for the bedroom, particularity in children's rooms where spills are likely to happen. Soothing, neutral, relaxing colours and patterns are perhaps best for bedrooms.


Hallways are high footfall areas. They also lead to the outside where, in North Wales, it is often raining. You need vinyl water resistant flooring that can withstand the arrival of muddy feet and dripping clothes.

Vinyl is also fine for landings and stairs.


Vinyl flooring is favoured by North Wales businesses because it is hardwearing and will last a long time. It is also quick and easy to clean.

In very high traffic areas such as busy cafes, good quality vinyl can last for at least 10 years before looking shabby and needing replacing.

Patterns and colours available from flooring services in North Wales

All sorts of options are available at flooring services in North Wales. The natural look is achieved through wood effect or stone effect vinyl. This vinyl looks so realistic that it is difficult to tell that it is not wood or stone.

If you like the minimalist look, you can install plain colour vinyl available in neutral colours or more vibrant ones.

Bold patterns are available to create a room with impact.

Types of vinyl flooring for North Wales rooms

You can buy vinyl in sheets, tiles or planks. Sheet vinyl can be cut to length and can cover a square or rectangular room in one piece.

Vinyl tiles can be laid in various patterns, brick style or lined up with each other. Self-adhesive vinyl tiles are quick to lay. Vinyl tile planks can be self-adhesive, and thick vinyl planks have a click together system for ease of installation.

Vinyl comes in various grades, so choose the best grade you can afford. Some will have a 25-year guarantee, or a bit less if installed in a commercial room. The thicker the vinyl, the longer it should last. Also, thick vinyl is usually cushioned to make walking on the floor feel soft and warm.

Flooring services in North Wales will show you samples of their large range of vinyl flooring.

Overall, vinyl flooring in North Wales is a great choice for all rooms, both domestic and commercial.