Airport carpet has thousands of Instagram followers

The carpet at Nashville International Airport has become a star of social media due to a number of travellers photographing its swirling patterns and posting their images to Instagram under the ‘bnacarpet’ tag.

The creator of the tag told Fox News:

“I noticed that everyone I know took photos of the carpet anyway while travelling, so why not give them something to tag? Airports have a great way to bring people of every background together, and the carpet at BNA has an unmistakable pattern and colour scheme, unlike any other airport in the country.”

The airport carpet now has 7,500 Instagram followers who range from Nashville country singers to professional cheerleaders.

The carpet is due to be replaced by a new one. An airport official said that a new concourse is opening in Summer 2020 and the carpet will be replaced by a mix of terrazzo and carpeting. An airport spokesperson said the removal of the old carpet will be marked by some sort of special occasion or event, but what this will consist of was still being decided.

Fox News who published the story about the Nashville Airport carpet, did some further research and found that the US Portland Airport carpet has beaten Nashville by having 21,000 Instagram followers.

Carpets for Chester commercial properties are a popular floor covering, but none have increased in popularity due to Instagram followers. If a Chester business does create an Instagram carpet tag that attracts followers, perhaps this could, like Nashville Airport, create interest in their business.