Laminate vs. LVT flooring for your North Wales rooms

Both laminate and LVT flooring are popular choices for North Wales homes and workplaces. The answer to the question about which is best depends on several factors.

What is LVT?

LVT stands for luxury vinyl tiles and is made from a number of layers. There is a stability layer so that the tiles can be laid flat and level. An HD photographic layer adds a pattern to the tile. Modern LVT tiles have realistic patterns that resemble wood or stone, and it also comes in a number of unique vibrant designs.

The top pattern layer is coated with a surface treatment to protect it from damage and makes the tiles easy to clean. LVT tiles often have an adhesive backing so that they are easy to install without needing further adhesive.

What is laminate?

Like LVT, laminate flooring in North Wales is printed to look like stone or wood and is a layered product. A clear top resin layer protects the flooring. Beneath it is a printed payer over an HDF core layer.

Laminate flooring comes in planks which have click-together joints that make them easy to install. Laminate comes in various thicknesses from 6 to 12 mm.

Water on laminate and LVT flooring in North Wales

North Wales does not have a dry climate. People come inside with muddy shoes and dripping wet clothes. High moisture and high humidity can adversely affect laminate flooring, whereas LVT is more water resistant.

LVT is more suitable for rooms that have exits to the outside. Laminates are not recommended for kitchen areas or utility rooms where water is likely to be spilt.

Some people do lay laminates in areas leading to outside doorways but place water absorbent mats at the outside entrance. If water is spilt on laminate floors, as long as it is wiped up promptly, there should be no damage to the floor.


Both laminate and LVT flooring are easy to maintain. If a section of floor is damaged, replacement planks can be used to repair the area. It’s a good idea to order extra planks or tiles when installing flooring for this reason.

Installation of LVT and laminate flooring in North Wales

Both flooring types are easy to lay. LVT either has an adhesive backing or needs to be glued with adhesive, while laminate planks click together.

LVT tiles and laminates can be laid over existing floors provided the floor is even. Uneven floors may require a cement scree coating before the tiles are installed.


Quality LVT tiles should last longer than laminate flooring. LVT can last up to 20 years or more, while laminates can last up to 15 years.

For maximum durability, choose top quality LVT or laminates.


Most LVT flooring costs more than laminates but lasts longer.

So, should I go for laminate or LVT flooring in North Wales?

If you want quality flooring that’s cheaper, go for laminate flooring. If your budget can afford it and you want a better quality flooring, then LVT is best. However, both LVT and laminates are very good flooring choices.