What’s the best type of commercial flooring in Chester?

There are a variety of flooring options available for commercial premises in Chester. The main ones are carpet, hardwood, ceramic tile, laminates, rubber and vinyl, so which is right for you?


Hardwood is a good choice of commercial flooring for Chester’s high-traffic areas as it is easy to maintain, hardwearing and looks good. It is a natural product, so if a business has an environmental policy, wood from sustainable forests is a good choice. At the end of the floor’s life, the wood planks can be easily recycled.

Wood floors need coating with a protective layer to prevent scratches and stains, and to make them water repellent.

Hardwood floors are good for reception areas where people get their first impression of your business.


Carpets or carpet tiles are available in a vast range of colours and patterns. They need to be vacuumed each day and professionally deep cleaned at least once a year.

They’re a great choice in offices or places where people stand a lot. They can insulate a room from excessive noise and are comfortable to stand on for long periods.

Tiles mean that worn areas can be replaced without having to replace the whole carpet.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are durable and easily cleaned. They can stain, but most stains can be removed. They are suitable for bathroom areas and food preparation rooms where hygiene is important and floors need to resist moisture.

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT)

In Chester’s high-traffic areas, LTV is ideal and is available in a variety of styles and colours. Many businesses are tempted by cheap LVT, but these will not last long. Premium grade LVT is ultimately a more economical choice for busy areas and will resist stains and scratches.


Rubberised floors are good for healthcare businesses as they can reduce injuries from falls. They are easy to walk on too.


Laminate flooring can look like hardwood flooring, tiles or stone, but is less expensive than those materials. Good quality laminates are hard wearing and easy to clean.

Choosing the best commercial flooring in Chester

In a city like Chester, with plenty of tourist footfall and some wildly unpredicatable weather, The main factors that influence floor choices are expected footfall, maintenance, hygiene, safety and budget, Another consideration is the colour and pattern of the floor, how it complements the design of the building.

Hardwood is a good choice if you want a luxury natural look, but it may not be the best material for care homes and schools with young children who would benefit from floors with cushioning that protects them when falling.

Food preparation areas and toilets need tile or LVT floors that are easy to clean and will not trap dirt or debris. With it often being a rainy city, LTV flooring in Chester is particularly handy.

Some floors can be treated with non-slip coatings to prevent accidents. In areas with hazardous chemicals, floors can be treated with finishes that resist chemical damage.

Workplaces that use hazardous chemicals will have to comply with safety regulations that prescribe the level of protection that the floor needs.

Consult a provider of commercial flooring in Chester for advice on the best floor options for every area of your workplace.