Interesting fact: Wetherspoon has different carpets in each pub

Many businesses with multiple locations have the same style carpet in all their branches, but not pub chain Wetherspoon. Their 900 pubs each has its own individually-designed carpet.

Wetherspoon is known for its low prices of drink and food, but they are not afraid to spend on outfitting their pubs. Each pub carpet is individually designed at a cost of between £20,000 to £30,000. Their head of property development and acquisition, Jon Randall, said:

“We place particular emphasis on the design of our new pubs, investing heavily in every aspect, as well as in the refurbishment of our older premises.

“With more than 900 pubs, that is a lot of carpet. All of our new pub carpets are individually designed, some with details to reflect aspects of the buildings’ history or local area."

The carpets are made by Axminster. Unlike most of their carpets, which have between five and six colours, the multicolour Wetherspoon carpets have to be made on special old looms.

The carpets have inspired an online social media group called "Wetherspoons Carpet Appreciation Society", which has 1,500 members that upload photos of carpets in their local branch of Wetherspoon.

Many businesses operating from different locations in North Wales use the same carpet style bought from flooring companies in North Wales. Wetherspoon has shown that by having many individually-designed carpets, it can create a talking point that results in valuable publicity for a business.