Is laminate flooring good for rental property?

Laminate flooring is an excellent choice for rental property, and there are many reasons why.

A landlord of rental property needs floor coverings that are not too expensive and will last a long time. Tenants want a good-looking floor that’s easy to clean. Laminate flooring satisfies both landlords and tenants needs.

Laminate flooring provides the natural look of wood but at considerably less cost. Rental properties need a neutral floor that most people are happy to live with. Vibrant colours and patterns may suit some people, but many prefer more neutral tones. Few people dislike the natural look of wood, so from a design perspective, wood effect laminate flooring is ideal. Modern printing technology has made the look of laminate flooring almost indistinguishable from solid wood.

Tenants who want a more colourful look can simply place a rug of their choice on the floor to brighten it up.

Laminate planks with grooves are easy to install, as they just click together. This means a local floor company will not charge a lot for installation.

Good quality laminates should last between 15 and 20 years, but could last up to 30 years if there are not many tenants and they treat it gently. Good quality laminates are coated with a protective layer to make then stain and scratch resistant. In case an area does become damaged, be sure to buy a few extra planks to replace damaged ones.

Although some tenants prefer carpets, they can attract dust, debris and stains. They are fine if you have careful tenants who vacuum and regularly deep clean the carpets, otherwise laminates are preferred as they only need sweeping and mopping. When tenants leave and they have not kept the home clean, laminate floors can be quickly and easily cleaned ready for the next tenants.