Don’t throw away your corded vacuum cleaner, says Which?

Cordless vacuum cleaners are very popular, but consumer organisation Which? has suggested that corded vacuum cleaners are better at cleaning, and are cheaper.

Cordless cleaners can work for up to an hour before needing charging. This can make them unsuitable for commercial rooms where there are large areas of carpet that take longer than an hour to clean.

Which? reports that corded vacuum cleaners are usually better at sucking up dirt across all floor types. They are especially better at cleaning carpets.

The average cost of Which? best buy corded cleaners is £249, compared to £300 for cordless ones.

Which? found that corded vacuum cleaners tend to last longer too. The average warranty for a cordless vacuum is two years, compared to five on many corded models.

Cordless cleaners do not hold a lot of dirt before needing emptying, whereas corded cleaners can hold more dust and need emptying less frequently.

Corded vacuums are also quieter than cordless ones, and this may be an issue for commercial premises.

Which? recognises however that cordless cleaners have improved over the last few years. Batteries last longer and their dust capacity has increased. Some come with LED displays that show the user exactly how much cleaning time is left. Dyson’s V11 model knows if it is on a hard floor or a soft carpet and automatically increases its motor speed on carpets that need more suction power.

Whether corded or cordless, carpets in Wrexham homes and workplaces need regular vacuum cleaning to maintain their appearance and cleanliness.