Artificial grass transforms rooftops

Many business buildings have flat roofs that are never used, and in such cases, artificial grass can transform them into attractive gardens spaces.

Artificial grass can be part of an attractive rooftop garden for staff to use as a relaxation area. The Ikea store in Greenwich has artificial grass on its roof, which customers and staff can enjoy. Regular rooftop yoga classes are held there.

The Royal Exchange building in Manchester has a roof garden with an artificial grass lawn, decking and plants. Karen Monks from the Royal Exchange said:

"Most people I've shown around here have been quite surprised. It's lovely in summer and has been used a lot for barbecues this year with the lovely weather we've had."

Rooftop gardens are not new, the Midland Hotel in Manchester had one in 1903 where guests enjoyed afternoon tea. Fruit and herbs were grown for use in dishes served in the hotel restaurant. The hotel management hope to open the roof again one day, but without the soot that used to fall on the roof from the nearby steam trains.

To install artificial grass on roof spaces it must be secured so that it stays firm in high winds. The grass also needs to be fire resistant. Unlike artificial grass in a garden, rooftop grass needs very little surface preparation. The grass can be laid on an insulating layer that prevents heat escaping from the building for better energy efficiency.

Many businesses have artificial grass in Chester, but these are at ground level. Companies that have buildings with flat roofs should consider adding an attractive roof garden using artificial grass.