Floor manufacturer aims to make closed-loop system vinyl

Swedish vinyl floor manufacturer Tarkett is developing what it calls a ‘closed-loop’ system of vinyl floor covering.

The vinyl is made from recycled materials with a minimum of new raw materials. When a floor reaches the end of its life, it can be returned to Tarkett, which will recycle the old floor to make new vinyl flooring.

Currently, their IQ Surface vinyl range uses 25% recycled materials, but Tarkett hopes to increase the amount of recycled materials in its floor coverings to near 100%.

During Milan Fashion Week in 2019, Tarkett partnered with Note Design Studio to erect totem poles and other 3D shapes that were covered with IQ Surface to demonstrate the flexible qualities of this vinyl flooring, which can be laid around curved surfaces. Note Design Studio designed the colours and patterns of the vinyl to show off its versatility.

There are a number of vinyl floor manufacturers that, like Tarkett, use recycled materials in their floor coverings, but they are not all developing closed-loop system vinyl floor coverings. The closed-loop system is also known as the circular economy which uses the minimum amount of virgin materials to manufacture items then recycles the materials at the end of a product’s life to make new items.

For people concerned about the environment and their carbon footprint, installing vinyl flooring in Chester rooms that are made with recycled materials is one step that addresses their concerns. Organisations like Recovinyl collect old vinyl floor coverings for recycling.