Statistics show growing popularity of artificial gardens

Sales of artificial grass and plants for outdoor use are increasing, according to a report by Jenny Wood for the Daily Mail.

She says that sales of Ikea faux foliage are growing by 30% a year, and artificial plant sales have risen by 15% at John Lewis. One major national retailer has said that sales of its artificial grass are up by 136%.

One reason for the popularity of artificial gardens is that technology developments have made plants and artificial grass more realistic. UV sun protection applied to plants and grass mean that they will not fade in sunlight. Additionally, artificial plants last a long time and do not perish in the winter.

Artificial gardens appeal to people who dislike gardening, or do not have time for it. Plants need an occasional wipe with a damp cloth and artificial grass needs regularly sweeping, but there is no watering or digging involved. For people that spend a lot of time away, they do not have to worry about coming back to an untidy unattended garden.

For many people, filling the garden with artificial plants is a step too far, but artificial grass is popular for busy people, who would rather not spend a lot of time maintaining their lawns. Schools and sports clubs like artificial grass because it does not get muddy and requires little maintenance.

There are many homes and business that have installed artificial grass in Chester because it looks realistic, is easy to look after, and is safe to use all year round.