Where to use artificial grass in Wrexham

Artificial grass is a versatile material that has a number of uses.

Residential gardens

A popular use for artificial grass in Wrexham is in residential gardens to replace the lawn. One of its major appeals is low maintenance when compared to real grass. Artificial grass does not have to be mowed or watered in hot weather. It’s not maintenance free, but maintenance is minimal. A quick brush will do, and in autumn a leaf blower can help you keep it tidy.

Artificial grass is safe for households with children and pets. Artificial grass is ideal for busy households who do not have time for lots of gardening and the elderly who find it difficult to cut the lawn.

Balconies and rooftops

Artificial grass brightens up rooftop gardens and balconies. Concrete or paved roof or balcony area looks dull until it is covered in artificial grass.

Professionally installing artificial grass on concrete floors is not expensive as the ground preparation is quick and easy.

Exhibitions and events

Artificial grass looks great at exhibitions stands and its warm looks attract people. It is easy to mount artificial grass on display stands to show off products. After use, the grass can simply be rolled up and used for further events.

Schools and nurseries

Many Wrexham schools and nurseries have installed artificial grass. It is hardwearing to withstand hundreds of young feet running over the grass. There is no mud to deal with after heavy rains. Schools and nurseries need to spend less time and money on maintenance compared to real grass.

Artificial grass is ideal to turn concrete areas into play areas. In places with climbing frames and other play equipment, foam underlay can be installed beneath artificial grass to prevent injuries from falls.


Artificial grass was first used for sports pitches because ground maintenance staff found it difficult to keep the pitch at its best at all times. Amateur sports clubs had limited budgets for ground maintenance.

Artificial grass sports fields are often called all-weather pitches as they can be used all year round because they do not get muddy or waterlogged. They are safe for players and many football, tennis , hockey and cricket organisations prefer artificial grass pitches.

Artificial grass has a wide range of uses. It is important to purchase good quality grass. Suppliers in or near Wrexham have samples of various artificial grass grades for you to examine.