Seven reasons to install laminate flooring in Wrexham

Flooring deicisions are not to be taken lightly, and here are seven reasons to install laminate flooring in Wrexham rooms.

1. Durable

Wrexham people want flooring that is value for money but is made to last. They want to live with their floors for many years.

In 2017, Wrexham was ranked as one of the UK’s best university towns for its social life. All that partying isn’t easy on the floors, but good quality laminates have a protective top layer that prevents scratches and stains, and make wiping up spillages easy. Laminates are suitable for residential and light commercial use.

2. Easy installation

Laminate planks click-lock together and can be laid on most floor surfaces without adhesives, nor is there a need for nails. Though laminates can be installed by a do-it-yourself enthusiast, they are not expensive to fit by professional installers.

3. Cost

You can get the look of natural wood without going to the expense of buying solid wood flooring. Like most floors coverings, there is a variety of laminate grades. The top grades are thicker and more expensive but they are a good investment if you want a premium quality floor covering.

4. Can be installed on most subfloors

Most subfloors are suitable for laminate flooring with little preparation required. They can easily be laid over concrete or on the top of vinyl flooring.

5. Looks

Vinyl flooring comes in a variety of finishes that look like wood, stone, or tiles. Modern printing technology creates lifelike images.

6. Easy maintenance

Laminate flooring is stain and scratch resistant. Spills can easily be wiped up. Daily sweeping is recommended and regular cleaning with cleaning products formulated for laminates.

7. Hygienic

Smooth laminate flooring has no grains and rough surfaces to trap dust and particles that can cause reactions in allergy sufferers. The bottom layer of the laminate is water resistant and events mould which is a health hazard.

Laminate flooring is suitable for most rooms in the home, but waterproof grades are required for bathrooms, kitchen and other high-moisture areas. Standard laminate is fine for areas where people enter a building dripping water from a rainy Wrexham day or shaking out umbrellas, provided spills are mopped up right away.

Laminate is suitable for light commercial use, but in busy locations such as bars, shops and restaurants, only use the highest strength laminates or use an alternative floor covering that is rated for heavy commercial use.

To see samples of laminates, visit your Wrexham or North Wales floor supplier and installer. They may let you take a few laminate planks away with you to see how they look in any room.