New high-end luxury rugs complement wood floors

The rug trends for spring and summer 2019 feature rich embroidery, opulent brocades and silks.

Speaking to, Becky Metcalfe of the Design Centre in London commented:

“There is nothing homespun about this trend; the textiles are decidedly high-end.”

High-end rugs are ideal for adding to the luxury looks of solid wood floors.

London-based Riviere Rugs produces its Raku rugs with oversized borders, a subtle graded fade-out effect, and is made from seven hand-dyed colours. The Camilla rug is inspired by the crumbling plaster walls of a Roman townhouse in Rome and has a complex weave of 14 colours. Riviere rugs uses Tibetan wool, which is soft and durable, and also add fine Chinese silk to enhance the design and feel of their rugs.

Luke Irwin’s Rug-In-Rug collection uses organic textiles washed in water with no chemicals. They combine luxury designs with environmental care.

Italian design house Chi Design makes rugs that feature geometric shapes but also makes plain coloured rugs. They are hand-crafted using the best quality materials, including silk and New Zealand wool.

Solid wood flooring in Wrexham homes and businesses is a luxury floor covering that looks beautiful on its own. Add one of this year’s luxury handcrafted designer rugs to create a lavish floor that is the perfect combination of style and practicality. Both wood flooring and handcrafted rugs are built to top standards and designed to last for a long time. Wood floors with luxury rugs enhance any room in a home or office.