Visualisers take the stress out of choosing floor coverings

It can be stressful choosing the right design of LVT flooring for Chester homes, and difficult to visualise how the tiles seen in the flooring services showroom will look in a room. Taking a single sample tile home and placing it on the floor still does not always provide an accurate impression of how the new floor will look.

A number of LVT tile manufacturers have created a visualiser application that can be accessed from a website. The user takes a photo with their phone or tablet of their room, which is uploaded to the application either by the portable device or a computer.

After the application has the room photo, the user selects a tile from the LVT range and the photograph is changed so that the room looks as if the floor is covered in LVT tiles. The orientation of the tile can be changed to see how different tile arrangements look. Various tile designs can be selected to compare how they look.

Commercial flooring customers can also use the visualiser tool to see how different designs will look on their floors.

Virtualiser systems are also available for carpets and solid wood floors. Virtual Reality (VR) applications have been developed for people to design a complete room with floor coverings, wall colours, furniture, and fittings. Using a VR headset, users can walk around the room for an immersive experience that seems as if they are in the actual newly designed room.