Is it worth installing artificial grass in Chester?

Artificial grass is an alternative to the real thing, without the same upkeep demands. If you are not sure about laying artificial grass at your home or work, there are a number of things to consider in order to make an informed choice.


Less maintenance is required for artificial grass than real grass, which is one reason why busy households choose artificial grass.

The first obvious thing about maintaining artificial grass is that you don’t need a lawnmower, as this type of grass doesn’t grow. Of course, it doesn’t need watering in hot weather either, and any leaves and debris can be quickly removed with a leaf blower or brushed up.

About twice a year, weed killer can be applied to prevent weeds growing and kill off any that have grown. If you have pets, use artificial turf spray to remove urine, and pick up any solid waste.


Chester has a high annual rainfall so it is good to know that artificial grass has good water resistance. Even in a flood, artificial grass can stand being submerged for extended periods. Professional artificial grass installers make sure that the ground has efficient drainage so that excess water runs off.

If artificial grass is submerged for a long period, there is a danger that mould will form, in which case mould repellent treatment will get rid of it.

Another benefit of artificial grass is that the ground will not be muddy after prolonged rain.


Expect artificial grass to last from 15 to 20 years as long as spills are cleared up, and it is kept clean. The lifespan of artificial grass is dependent on how it is used. Artificial grass in a school that is played on every day by many children will last less time than in a home that is only used occasionally in good weather. There are different grades of artificial grass, with more expensive grades expected to last longer.


A grassed area needs to be safe, especially for children and pets. Safety studies have shown that modern artificial grass is safe, and many schools are confident enough to use it. In the distant past, some artificial grass contained lead, but new artificial turf is non-toxic.

Unless you are adamant that you want the natural qualifies of real grass, artificial grass in Chester homes, schools and workplaces is an excellent alternative.