Choosing a flooring company in Chester

There are many flooring companies operating in Chester that offer a wide range of floor coverings for both residential and business properties. How do you choose the best flooring company to suit your requirements?

Many floors

There are over 153,000 homes in Cheshire West and Chester, and nearly 15,000 businesses. Many new homes and business premises are being built as part of the regeneration of the city. This adds up to a lot of floors and a high demand for new floors from Chester flooring companies.

There are plenty of high-income families in the Chester area that want high quality flooring such as solid wood, engineered wood and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). Despite fears over the financial impact of Brexit, Chester people want to invest in their homes, and know that premium quality flooring can add value.

Businesses want to be associated with quality, and this extends to their choice of floor covering, especially in receptions and other areas where their clients visit.

Price and quality

The two main ways in which a flooring company in Chester competes is on price and quality. In may be tempting to go for the cheapest quotation for floor covering, but when comparing quotes, it is not always clear whether you are comparing like with like. The cheapest quote may be for a cheaper quality floor covering, which will probably not last as long as better grades. In the long term, paying a little more can save you money because the floor covering will not need replacing for a long time.

A floor covering quote will also include fitting. Some coverings such as laminates are easy and quick to install, but others like solid hardwood require skilful fitters. The flooring company in Chester you use needs to have highly trained, expert fitters.


A good flooring company will send a representative round to measure your floors. They will then discuss the best flooring for the room. What they recommend should be related to the expected footfall and the budget of the household or business. The best salesperson wants you to have exactly the flooring that is best for you rather than being driven by the floor coverings that makes their company the best profit.

The best flooring companies in Chester supply and fit beautiful-looking floor coverings that will last a long time, and help increase the value of your home in this quaint city.