Which is best – solid wood or laminate flooring in Chester rooms?

Wood or laminate flooring are good choices for Chester room, but which is better? The answer is dependent on a number of factors.


Laminate flooring costs a lot less than solid wood and is a viable alternative for budgets that do not extend to real wood. Laminate is made from composite wood, which is pressed together at high temperatures. An image of wood is printed on top of the planks.

Laminate planks have a click-together system that makes them easy and quick to install. The cost of installing laminate flooring is less than solid wood flooring installation.

If cost is not an issue, go for hardwood or engineered wood flooring for the natural beauty of wood, but choose laminates for a less expensive alternative

Durability and damage

Laminate is durable and resists scratches. Most laminates are water resistant and some grades are waterproof. Chester has many rainy days when people arrive in a building with muddy soles and wet dripping clothes. Provided that spills are wiped up promptly, laminate floors behind a door leading to the outside will last.

When installing laminate flooring, it’s wise to buy a few spare planks and keep them in a safe place. If an area of the floor is damaged, the spare planks can be used to repair the floor.

Hardwood will last for decades, compared to between 10 and 30 years for laminates. Wood is not scratch resistant, but can easily be repaired. When hardwood floors show signs of wear they can be sanded to make them look like new again. Wood can warp with excessive moisture so is not suitable for high-moisture areas such as bathrooms.

Solid wood is a worthwhile investment as it will not need replacing as soon as laminate and adds value to a home.


In the early days of laminate flooring, it was easy to tell the difference between laminate and solid wood. Printing technology has improved so that the wood pattern images are very realistic and mimic all wood types.

Chester people love real wood, which is why Chester parks and the nearby Delamere forest are so popular. A solid wood floor brings a piece of nature into the home.

Laminates and wood flooring are popular in Chester. Your local flooring service will discuss the pros and cons of both if you are undecided on which one to choose.