Why would you install artificial grass in North Wales?

Natural grass is great and it looks good, but there are drawbacks to grass that drive people to consider the alternative.

Looking after real grass can be a pain

Real grass grows a lot in spring and summer and needs cutting regularly. Modern lawn mowers do not take long to cut the grass, but the lawn needs to be dry. This is a problem in North Wales as it often rains for many consecutive days.

If you lead a busy life and the only time available to cut the lawn is at weekends, it could be a few weeks before the lawn is dry enough to cut. It is impractical to cut the lawn early morning before work, as lawn mowers tend to be noisy and liable to disturb the neighbours.

Grass is fragile and can look worn, and needs micro-nutrient chemicals and fertilizers to keep in good shape. Weeds often grow on lawns and have to be removed with weedkiller. The chemicals in them can seep through the lawn and end up polluting waterways.

A lawn on hot summer days may need watering at the very time that water companies have a hosepipe ban that prevents the easy watering of lawns by hose sprinklers.

Yes, grass looks great, but you need time an effort to look after it, which is something that many busy households do not have. An artificial lawn needs no watering, cutting or chemicals. If the dog uses the lawn, urine can be washed off with water and solid waste quickly picked up.

Modern artificial grass allows water to drain off, so it’s fine for a typical North Wales downpour. Unlike real grass, artificial grass will not get muddy so can be played on by children during any weather.

Lawns where grass doesn’t grow

There are some places that are not suitable for natural grass. For example, if a building has a flat roof, it is great to have a roof garden. Creating a real lawn on a roof is complicated, whereas artificial grass can be simply laid onto the roof surface.

Artificial grass can be laid inside and looks good in conservatories. It is ideal for companies that sell sports or outdoor products for their trade show stands.

Purchasing artificial grass and installing it professionally may work out more expensive than a new grass lawn, but for many people in North Wales, the extra investment is worth it for the benefits of artificial grass.