What are the best carpets for landlords in Chester?

There is a wide range of carpets available, but which is the best for landlords to buy for their rented properties?

There are a large number of houses and apartments for rent in Chester, from small terraces and shared student housing to luxury homes. Carpets are a popular choice of floor covering for landlord, not least because of the wide range of colours, patterns, textiles and grades available.


The carpet colour needs to appeal to most tenants, so avoid garish patterns and bright gaudy colours. White and very light carpets are not a good idea as they easily show up dirt and stains, while black and very dark carpets may make the room appear dark and uninviting. For most rooms, the best choice is a medium-shade neutral colour.


Expect wear and tear on the carpets. Chester students are fond of holding parties, so a cheap thin carpet will not withstand many gatherings in student accommodation before it begins to look worn.

Most landlords don’t want to spend too much money on carpets unless they are for the luxury end of the rental property market. The ideal carpet will be durable and not too expensive. It is worth paying a little extra for a higher grade carpet as this will not need replacing as often.

Easy to clean

Landlords expect that their tenants will look after the property and this includes regular cleaning. They can help tenants by installing easy to clean carpets. As a general guide, short pile carpets will be easier to clean than long pile ones. All carpets can be vacuumed, but not all vacuum cleaners are equal. A good quality vacuum cleaner is worth investing in as it will pick up more dirt from the carpet.

If the carpet is stained from spills, nylon and other man-made fibre carpets are easier to clean than natural fibre cotton and wool carpets. Some carpets are treated with a stain resistant solution.


Wool provides warmth and luxury but is more expensive than carpets made from other textiles. Wool carpets last a long time and are especially suitable for high-end properties. Tenants that pay high rents expect good quality carpets.


Polypropylene  is a synthetic manmade fibre that is hardwearing and stain resistant. However, after a while, the fibres can get damaged. These carpets are a low-cost option for spare rooms and other rooms that do not get used a lot.


Nylon carpets are especially hardwearing and stain resistant. They are ideal for high-traffic areas such as hallways and stairs.

Help from carpet suppliers

There are many carpet suppliers in Chester and the surrounding area. Landlords should use one that is experienced in installing carpets in rented properties. They can provide detailed advice about the best carpet choices for landlords in Chester, visit rental properties, measure the room areas, and recommend the most suitable option. Also, they will have samples of the various carpet grades and will provide competitive quotes.