The best type of carpet for Wrexham landlords

Many landlords in Wrexham need to buy carpets for their flats or houses. There is a wide range of carpets available, but it can be confusing to find the best type of carpet to buy.

The economy in Wrexham is in good health with a low unemployment rate and good wages. Whilst many people own their own homes in Wrexham, there is a healthy buy to let property market. Many people here rent whilst they save up for a deposit to buy a home. Students attending Wrexham Glyndwr University need temporary rented accommodation.

Why carpet?

Before choosing a carpet, a landlord needs to be certain that they want carpet rather than alternative floor coverings like laminates, vinyl or wood.

The first consideration is cost, and this includes both the cost of buying the floor covering and installing it. Carpet comes in many grades from inexpensive nylon carpets to luxury top price wool ones. Carpets are easy and quick to install so the total cost of a reasonable quality carpet is cost effective for landlords.

Laminate and vinyl floors are easier to clean, but if tenants have a decent vacuum it will remove dirt and debris. Carpets should be deep cleaned periodically to remove dirt that has penetrated deep into the pile. Carpet cleaners can be hired or a professional carpet cleaning service can do the job.

If you have elderly tenants, carpets have another advantage. Unlike solid floors, a soft pile carpet will help prevent injuries if an old person falls.

The best carpet

The best carpets for rented properties are value for money and hard wearing. If you choose the cheapest quality carpets, then this can be false economy as the carpet will need replacing more often and will soon look worn.

Light colour carpets will show up dirt more than darker ones. The colour should be neutral so it will appeal to tenants. A black carpet may not show dirt but it makes a room look dark and gloomy.

If a property is at the high end of the market, tenants expect quality fittings for the high rents they pay. Wool carpets add luxury to a home. The more durable carpets are not soft, so if you want a room to feel cosy and the floors feel soft for bare feet, consider sacrificing some durability for a carpet that feels better underfoot.

Generally, short pile carpets are easier for tenants to keep clean. If a house is rented to multiple student tenants expect more than average wear, so consider installing a more durable carpet.

Polypropylene fibre is the most durable type of carpet. Next for durability, choose nylon. Polyester carpets may be bought cheaply but they are not very long lasting. Wool is very durable but can be expensive.

A decent underlay, either separate or attached to the carpet, will make it last longer.

Talk to your carpet supplier to see samples of all the carpets suitable for landlords in Wrexham.